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 For those of you who have been living under an internet-less rock, the 57th annual Grammy awards took place the other night (February 8th), and whatever your opinions on the event may be, you can’t deny that there is a certain significance to it. This is especially shown when you see just how angry people were with some of this year’s winners; that it matters at least a little bit to the people who continuously call the Grammys a joke. Although, the Grammys are practically at the level of the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame at this point, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

AC/DC kicked off the show with a pretty stellar performance of their newest single, Rock or Bust, as well as Highway to Hell. Especially worth noting is that drummer Phil Rudd was not on stage, with Chris Slade filling in for him. The video has since been deleted because CBS are a bunch of meanies.

Here’s a picture, though :

Obviously there were other performances, most notably by the trio of Beyonce, Kanye, and Paul McCartney, but they’re not gonna be posted here.


As for the award winners, much like every year, there’s always a lot of anger when someone doesn’t win. One of the biggest shitstorms this year, however, came when Beck won Album of the year for Morning Phase over Beyoncé’s newest self-titled release. Whatever your opinions on the two artists may be, the collective frustration from Beyoncé fans was so intense, that it caused hashtags like Justice for Beyoncé and Who is Beck to start trending on Twitter:

Not only that, but, as you my have heard, Kanye pulled another Kanye when Beck was about to accept his award:

And here’s Jay-Z’s reaction, which is absolutely hilarious. It seems like there’s just a tiny moment where his souls leaves his body, and he wants to scream “NO MAN DON’T DO IT”, but it turns out alright and he laughs it off:

Although it was innocent, enough, and may be some kind of self parody, Kanye later went on to make a whole speech about how Beck should give his award to Beyoncé and pay respect to her artistry or something. Really, it doesn't matter. It's just Kanye being Kanye. Whatever the reasons that the academy had for having Beck win over Beyoncé, that was the decision made by the academy, and is mostly just opinion. Still, the internet will always just fling hate in every direction when someone has a difference of opinion. Especially when it comes to Kanye being Kanye; the whole world wants his head on a pike for what he pulled. The most that can be done, though, is just to not take things like this seriously, and laugh at the absurdity of the whole situation.

But, anyway, throughout the night there a couple of pretty notable other winner, such as St. Vincent winning for best Alternative music album, Jack White winning best Rock Performance, and Aphex Twin winning for best Dance/Electronic album.

One of the more controversial winnings outside of the pop world would definitely have to be the win for best Hard Rock/Metal performance. It was a tight competition, with Anthrax’s Neon Knights, Mastodon’s High Road, Motörhead’s Heartbreaker, Slipknot’s The Negative One, and Tenacious D’s Dio cover for The Last in Line. With only one winner, and everyone already having their favorites decided, people were very upset when Tenacious D ended up taking away the award, mostly because the song was a cover. The song was a very well performed, and well produced cover to say the least, so it’s not like someone like Pharell walked away with the award. While the anger is completely justified, it’s just the opinion of some industry insiders, much like the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, as well as it being a damn good cover. Pretty much every one of the nominees deserved to win, and it was the opinion of some guys somewhere that the cover was the best performance of 2015. It does suck for everyone who was rooting for someone with an original song, but again, it’s just someone else’s opinion.

Here’s the song for those who haven’t heard it:

As for non-award related but still metal-related goings-on, the boys from Mastodon totally crashed the show this year. First of all, drummer Brann Dailor wore this absolutely amazing suit, and Brent Hinds wore an LA Dodgers uniform. Yep. Just the whole uniform. To the Grammys:

Afterwards, Ben Weinmann, who’s collaborating with Brent Hinds for Giraffe Tongue Orchestra said that Hinds was actually kicked out of the show. He described it on Instagram:

“Party Crasher in the house right before Brent Hinds gets kicked out of the awards show cause he pored his bag all over the floor and undies and money and weed spilled everywhere and he wouldn’t pick it up. ‘Sir you have to leave.’ ‘Why’ ‘because you don’t know how to behave!’”

 So, that happened. Honestly, just by the outfits, you could tell that these guys were there to crash the event.


Otherwise, as usual, metal and hard rock was snubbed again this year. It was especially shameful this year, however, as we lost some amazing artists last year in metal. Both David Brockie from GWAR and Wayne Static lost their lives last year, but they didn't even get a mention in the 'In Memoriam' tribute at the show:

Maybe it was just lack of knowledge, but whatever the reason for not including Static and Brockie, who were both huge figures in the music world, is bullshit. They at least deserved a little 5 second clip in their memory...

And with that, there’s not really much else to be said about this years awards. It is mostly a pop music awards show. Significant and worth watching most of the time, but still mostly focused on pop music. So, for those who don’t like pop music as much, don’t expect too much from the Grammys, but don’t write it off completely either.