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We all knew it wouldn't be long, but the Foo Fighters are back at it, and possibly with more buzz around them than ever before!  Most people in the musical know are aware of Dave's massive undertaking called "Sonic Highways".  This upcoming HBO TV series is a documentary that will coincide with the newest Foo album of the same name!  The documentary will chronicle the recording process of the new album along with telling an American music story, which Dave calls "a love letter to the history of American music".  This series has been one of the most talked about upcoming shows and one of the biggest happenings in modern music.  And you guessed it, the series debuts today, along with a whole bunch of other Foo that you can fight!


What a concept!  For most bands, it is an experience to travel to some exotic locale to record an album.  Travel somewhere cold and dark for music in the same vein, or travel somewhere warm and welcoming and the vibe is totally different.  The Foo Fighters took this to an entirely new level by taking the usual album's worth of material, but rather than staying put, the band would do one song in one city, then pack up and head to a new city to record the next song, and on it goes until the album is complete!  One song, in one recording studio, per city!  The results should be amazing and game-changing!


The Foos are already known for their legit recording philosophies, having recorded their last album "Wasting Light" on tape in Dave's garage studio.  The master tape was then cut up and given to fans, so conceivably, with some very intricate logistics; fans could all reassemble the tape and have the actual master tape once again!  But that was so 2011...  It's 2014 now, and the Foos have escalated their game even more with their traveling studio pilgrimage!

Similar to their 2011 effort, the Foos teamed up with the quintessentially-epic producer Butch Vig (drummer of Garbage) and will be releasing their first single from the new album today which is called “Something From Nothing”.  The song itself was recorded at Electrical Audio right here in Chicago, which is the studio owned by Steve Albini (another epic producer!  Fun side note- Albini also does not use ProTools, keeping the Foos vintage recording philosophies alive and well!).


So, give the new tune a listen and see what you think!  There is a LOT going on here, so click the video and read on….



Metal nerds across the internet are already up in arms about the “Holy Diver-esque” riff that takes place in the song (you’ll hear it for sure), and while it is hardly verbatim, it does have that ascending three chord motif, and DIO fans will certainly hear the similarity in the basic chromaticism of those 3 chords right in a row.  But the song travels in a very wide path, forging yet another new chapter of sound for the band, which, with every record, seems to sound totally new, yet totally familiar. 


CBS Chicago is calling the new single “an ode to Chicago”.  For good reason too-as it was recorded here, features a mention of Muddy Waters, and shows a vintage-y looking John Hancock skyscraper as part of the album artwork!  Perhaps most awesome, is that the Foo Fighters announced that they would be playing a surprise and very exclusive Friday night gig (that’s tonight if you’re in Chicago and want to try to stand around outside the bar to see or hear the band) at the legendary Cubby Bear of Chicago- right across the street from Wrigley Field!

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The Cubby Bear is one of the many concert venues here in Chicago, and with a capacity of only a few hundred, this is a venue size that the Foo Fighters have not played in a VERY long time!  Worldwide mega-rock act invading the Cubby Bear; how rock and roll is that?!  The show sold out only a few minutes after the tickets went on sale, and I can promise you, the tickets were not cheap!  But a lucky select few hundred will get to see this amazing act, and undoubtedly hear some new tunes as well!  The album is out November 10, and we can't wait for more! 

Thanks to Stereogum for the images