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Twitter is certainly an interesting phenomenon.  Never before has it been easier to follow and gain insight into the lives of your favorite celebrities.  The only problem?  They can only update their fans in small chunks of 140 characters or less!  Which leaves them with only a small amount of room to elaborate - usually requiring multiple tweets.  Often times tweets can come across cryptic or hard to understand, and this is slightly the case with the latest John Mayer break up rumor.

Well, it actually seems pretty damn cut-and-dry.  But don't worry, dear reader.  If you are throwing the mouse at the monitor in anger as you wonder aloud why FRET12 has turned into TMZ or the National Enquirer, have no fear!  Because this news of a breakup is not the typical style for John Mayer.  He has been associated with some of the most talked about and popular women in Hollywood, and also associated with the biggest names in music (in music performance as well as musical romance).  So, it's not really a breakup as you may have originally thought.  It appears that John Mayer has told Fender that it's time they start seeing other people.  Or was it vice versa?  Yes, it's true, a man who almost everyone associates with a Fender Stratocaster appears to have parted ways with the iconic brand.

Well, at least since 2002ish when John surprised fans everywhere by ditching his awesomely catchy acoustic-pop style and picking up a Strat to write the album "Heavier Things".   From this point on, John Mayer and the Fender Strat were a match made in heaven.  By 2005, John had the honor of receiving a Stratocaster from Fender with his name on it!  John's first guitar was an SRV Strat Signature model, and John's first Strat sig was based on this guitar!  It wasn't long after that Fender began creating the same guitar in Olympic White, Piano Black, and then Custom Shop versions which were reliced to look like John's #1 guitar.  

So with all of these honors and accolades why on Earth would these two call it quits?!  Sadly, no one knows right now!  All we have are those damned tweets to go off of!  So you're probably wondering, "what the hell did the tweets say?!"  Feast your eyes:


It seems as though John may be dissatisfied with some of the staff at Fender, or some of the desicions made by the company as a whole.  It is just unclear as to what exactly, or with whom he is taking issue with. 

Taylor Swift wrote a song after breaking up with John called "Dear John", which only leaves us wondering, will there be a "Dear Fender" single coming in the near future?  Let's just hope that in a few months/years time that John won't be singing "My Stupid Mouth" or "Back To You" to the folks at Fender!

Stay tuned here for the latest in the Fender/Mayer breakup!  We'll update you all when we hear more!

Thanks to wikipedia and for the images!