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In order to promo their new album Sonic Highways, Dave Grohl and friends have the spotlight every day this week on the Late Show with Dave Letterman. Kicking off their residency on the show, the band decided they would do an awesome cover of Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs”, and it is indeed very awesome. Zac Brown is featured for the show, a country-folk singer, but don’t let that fool you. He does an amazing job matching up to Ozzy’s vocals, and it’s jaw-dropping to hear a country musician take on heavy metal so well. Dave Grohl also helped with vocals, especially with the grittier lyrics.

Not only are the vocals just astounding, but the drummer, Taylor Hawkins, totally smashes it. If you even watch him while Zac Brown is singing, you can see how excited he is. You just can’t help but laugh at his pearly white smile just poking out while Brown is doing his thing. The ending especially is amazing, as every band member just crushes it, it’s really intense.

You can watch the amazing performance here, and, really? Why wouldn’t you?

Watch it to the end especially because Letterman is ecstatic once the band finishes. He keeps repeating “oh my god” and “how bout that” over and over again. He even closes it out by saying “You have Zac Brown, Black Sabbath, and Foo Fighters. I don’t know, what do you kids want from me?!” It’s been said a hundred times already, but they put on quite the performance. It was very very cool to see.

Dave Grohl later explains in an interview with Letterman about the new sounds they’re going with for their new album, and how it’s going to be a sample platter of different musical flairs from throughout the U.S. You can watch the interview here too.