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It’s definitely not out of the ordinary when former band members get pretty salty about the success of their replacements. This is perfectly exemplified by the former Slayer drummer, Dave Lombardo, who would go on a weekly rant about the band’s current lineup and the direction it was going in a couple months ago. Now, Korn’s former drummer, David Silveria, is doing exactly the same thing, except he’s not just talking to random blogs and news sites, he’s taking actual legal action against the band!

Silveria exited the band back in 2006, and had previously worked on the band’s first 7 albums, including their debut album, which seems to be causing a bit of a stir for him. As you may or may not have heard, Korn is planning on playing their entire debut album during their newest tour, and had even welcomed back guitarist Brian ‘Head’ Welch earlier last year. With the promise of playing the band’s breakout album, as well as bringing back one of the original members, it’s understandable that Silveria would be a little upset about not being invited. That being said, he ended up taking out his disputes in a really unprofessional manner, talking to Rolling Stone in December of last year, saying that he had:

"just as much of a creative input as any of [the other] guys while writing and making [the] record.”

"I feel like it was wrong to go play this record without me, because I was just as much of a creative input as any of these guys while writing and making this record. So I think it was wrong to do it without me, but it's not really weird. They've been playing and touring years without me. I just think they should've asked me to come play the tour.”

Outside of this, he’s made a few jabs at the current drummer, Ray Luzier, but he has since claimed that he didn’t mean to attack the band (even though his intentions were quite clear). So, having said this 3 months ago, Silveria has now returned to sue the band. TMZ reports that Silveria is claiming his leave from the band in 2006 was actually just a hiatus, and he was turned away when he tried to return to the band. Silveria seeks to find out how much money Korn has made off of the material he helped to create, and to potentially settle his fair share from it.

What his intentions are by doing this are not exactly clear. He may just be greedy and wanting to milk his time in the band for all that it was worth, he could be genuinely spiteful for not being invited on the tour, or he could even be bored for all we know. All that is known is that this probably isn’t the best way to handle the whole situation, and hopefully, it’ll get resolved quickly enough.