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Another #NAMM2015 update! 

Compressors, they are anywhere and everywhere!  Often one of the more misunderstood aspects of guitar tone, they can truly be one of the most important things to add to your signal chain.  Granted, with a million companies making them, there are many that are simple to use and won't break the bank.  There are also more complex ones that can melt your credit card!  It all boils down to what you need out of a compressor!

Leave it the fellas over at Seymour Duncan to come up with a good middle ground of bang for the buck meets not too simple yet not too overly-complex!  Part of a brand new family of great new effects pedals (including my new favorite overdrive- the 805) they've packaged up a small metal stompbox with the (preferred) four knob layout plus mini toggle and on/off switch.  Not too bad right?  Let's dig in...

This brand spankin' new compressor promises to really clamp down on your tone, just like the beastly tool pictured here that it is named after! 

This tool allows you to clamp down and HOLD on to something via a locking mechanism.  So does this compressor effectively allow you to clamp down on an out of control clean tone or an all over the place dirty tone?! 

Seymour Duncan brags that this pedal will help smooth out your tone and keep things under control.  The sustain knob obviously controls how long notes will ring out, the attack knob regulates how soon the compression happens (setting it higher will let your pick attack come through before the compression happens), volume control helps you get unity gain PLUS it can double as a boost!  Just check out these recommended starter tone settings for a huge variety of tone shaping for YOUR style of music:

This pedal also features a blend knob to assist your tone's transients that sometimes get lost allowing your tone to sound fuller and more natural.  The coolest part of this pedal seems to be how much sustain it can give you with a proper set up!  Single notes really seem to just go on and on forever (without that awkward "Check out my sustain, just ignore my huge vibrato to really force the sustain!)  You'll hear the sustain qualities at the 2:25 mark of this video!

Here's what they have to say about their brand new concoction:

The Seymour Duncan Vise Grip is a studio-grade compressor designed for guitarists who want to take control of the dynamics of their sound, from a subtle smoothing-out of peaks and valleys to the most squished and pinched extremes and everywhere in between. The Blend knob lets you add as much or as little of the original signal as you like to the compressed sound, while the Mid/Full/High lets you choose the character of the blended signal. The Sustain knob determines how long your notes will ring out and the Attack control regulates how quickly the compressor reacts to your initial pick attack. Higher settings give you a late attack that lets your picking dynamics come through before the compression kicks in. And the Volume control does more than just let you match the output with your bypassed sound: you can also use it as a boost while taking advantage of the Blend and Mid/Full/High controls.

You can use the Vise Grip for everything from a simple dynamics adjustment - like a subtle or extreme increase in sustain, or a little extra clarity, body and volume for a clean solo - to more intense effects like a classic ‘squished funk’ rhythm scratch or a lo-fi, treble-heavy edge which is perfect for garage-band vibe. Then you can blend in just the right amount of the uncompressed signal and let the Mid/Full/High switch restore sparkle to the high end, fatten up the uncompressed signal for increased harmonic overtones, or simply make sure your effected sound remains consistent with your bypassed guitar tone.

Check out the specs on this tool-

Compression Ratio: Soft-knee, adjustable from 1:1 to > 20:1
Maximum Compressor Gain: +50dB
Attack Speed: Adjustable from 2.0ms to 50ms
Input Impedance: 1 Megohm
Output Impedance: 2.75K ohms maximum
Maximum Input Level: 3 Vrms
Distortion: < 0.3% at 300mV RMS output at 1 kHz
Noise referred to Input: -110dBV, 400 Hz - 20 kHz, input shorted
Compressor Type: Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA)
Power: 9V battery or 9V to 18 Vdc regulated adapter, center pin negative polarity
Current Consumption: 21mA operate, 19mA bypass
Dimensions: 2.60" wide X 5.0" long X 1.45" high
Weight: 0.67 lbs.

And best of all you can grab one brand new for $159!  Yeah, it's a bit expensive, but it certainly beats the prices of my all-time favorite two compressors, the Keeley Four-Knob and the Maxon CP Pro Plus!  To be honest, while I love those pedals, this thing seems as though it will be able to match the performance for far less money for a new pedal.

So what are you waiting for?!  If you've been looking for a more pro compressor for your board or simply want to try this effect out and not worry about being limited down the road, check one out today! 

Hey now that you're at the end, are you a tone-seeking bassist who read all this and is now angry that you might not be able to use this pedal on your bass tone?  Guess what, Seymour has you covered there too :)

Same features and flexibility, only tailored for bass!