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You know, there has been a lot of talk around the Stone Sour camp ever since the departure/firing of guitarist Jim Root.  There has also been a lot of talk around the band since their 2012/2013 epic double concept album: The House of Gold & Bones Part I and II.  After one of the finest albums of the last decade, countless awards and accolades, and a departure of a long-time member; how could one possibly move on? 

The question has been floating around for quite some time now, however it seems that the band is choosing to carry on in an interesting direction.... with a cover album!  


At first, it was not clear what would be happening, as Stone Sour posted to their Facebook page a simple picture of the back of drummer Roy Mayorga's mohawk'd head working at a computer-based recording studio set up, complete with Roy's trademark keys and electronica layout.  


The caption was simple: Roy Mayorga- Recording, Day One.


Thousands of likes later, the band then posted a picture of guitarist Josh Rand sporting the always-awesome Jeff Hanneman (Slayer) knock-off Heineken shirt playing an ESP Kirk Hammett signature model!


The caption?  Josh Rand - Recording the covers album , day one



Fans and media both exploded with the news that Stone Sour would be working on an album of covers!  After many months of silence and question, it was confirmed the band was indeed at work on a new project!


It seems safe to say that a Metallica and a Slayer cover could be fair game judging by Rand's shirt and guitar in his picture.  Stone Sour is no stranger to covers either, even playing the classic Sabbath cover of "Children of the Grave" at their live appearance at the 2013 Golden Gods Awards!  Seriously, it's a live cover that's totally worth checking out (full of guitar madness and even 2 guest appearances!)





So far, it's still early on, and the band is sure to provide an album full of excellent material, especially considering the rock and metal pedigree that each and every member possesses.  I mean, look at just a few of the songs that Stone Sour has been known to cover throughout their career- Children of the Grave, Creeping Death, Heading Out to the Highway, Love Gun, Rooster, and In Your Eyes!  Plus, we all know that Corey Taylor, being the amazingly versatile lead singer he is, can already deliver a bitchin' cover of [my personal favorite] DIO song, "Rainbow in the Dark".  So, I shall leave you with a parting tune!






Photo and info thanks to Stone Sour Official Facebook and!  

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Bring the covers!