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Every so often, a set of signature pickups comes out that truly stand out from the crowd.  Much like Johnny Winters' approach to blues guitar, these pickups offer a truly unique voice that sounds quintessentially 'Johnny' and work great for clean and overdriven tone; giving you all the bite and evenly spaced output you could want!

Johnny had voiced some displeasure with an older set of pickups he was using and sought out the expertise of Mojotone - "the original DIY source since 1995".  Seriously, listen to these things scream at you!

After hearing these things however, it's clear those fellas at Mojotone have a damn good idea of what the hell they're doing.  They made Johnny a trio of pickups, for bridge middle and neck positions on your humbucking axe of choice with three Firebird cover color options!  You can also elect your mounting style of choice to best retrofit your axe.

Johnny took his original Firebird pickups and worked with Mojotone to achieve a balanced sound across all positions.  Fully shielded Alnico 5 magnets are the original vintage specs, with between 6-7k output in all 3 pickups.

Check out what Mojotone has to say:

In 2014, Johnny Winter teamed up with Mojotone to recreate his iconic sound with is signature Firebird pickup.

Based on his original Firebird pickups, these utilize the same exact materials and specs using aged cast Alnico magnets, vintage spec 42 gauge plain enamel wire, and a steel reflector plate. We carefully balanced the neck and bridge pickups for more even output and response between all positions. 

We took the original vintage Firebird specs a step further with our own winding recipe to bring out a much broader frequency response and dynamic range with more output and sustain. 

Johnny was proud of these beautiful sounding pickups and wanted to share his legendary tone with the world. Mojotone is honored to release his long desired signature pickups.

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