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Get ready because this list will most certainly crash your Flash codec in your browser!  We are here to present the best holiday jams with a rocky/metallic edge!  If you're tired of not offending your neighbors, or need something that you can really crank up, or just need to hear some new blood in your line up of traditional Xmas standbys, then get ready to dig in!  We all know Twisted Sister kicked some Christmas ass back in 2006,

(I promise, this list will be ALMOST as awesome as the video for "Oh Come All Ye Faithful")

and bands like AC/DC,

Spinal Tap,


and Firehouse

have all tackled Xmas tunes in the past!  Hopefully here will be a good new selection of tunes that you may not have known about until now!  Some of these are fresh out of the oven too!  Like, literally, days old!  Fresh from your friends at FRET12, we give you the list of rock metal Xmas classics!  It's that time of year, so let's start with some new tunes from just a few days ago in 2014!

So you may remember reading a news post about none other than Aerosmith's Joe Perry getting in gear for a Christmas EP?  Well, the cat is out of the bag and we have to kick this list off with some serious rock n' roll attitude.  No one can possibly deliver a serious dosage of 'tude better than the man who perpetually seems to look the same age: Joe Perry.  Some of you may not be familiar with this song, but it actually has been around in various incarnations since it was originally written and performed by Chuck Berry.  Joe is also covering the classic Elvis tune "Santa's Back In Town" on his EP as well, among a few other standards!  The man who brought us riffs like "Walk This Way" and "Sweet Emotion" now warms our hearts for the holidays!  Joe Perry- lead guitarist, resident bad ass, and now bluesy holiday crooner (with a serious dose of swing)! 

Let's keep it in the guitar family and change lanes into even more blues-based, electric guitar'd, Les Paul-laden madness.  That's right ladies and gents, it's none other than blues rock legend Joe Bonamassa and his brand-new tune for the holidays: "Lonesome Christmas".  Best experienced with a good pair of headphones, this tune is a mid-tempo blues breaker with plenty of ripping pentatonic action chock full of violin-like tone that only Joe can deliver.  It also features a slew of vocals very reminiscent of Kenny Wayne Shepherd's vocalist Noah Hunt- which, if you're a blues fan, is the best thing ever.  Kick back by the fire with this brand new for 2014 tune!

Coolest thing about Joe and this new song?  Check out what he is doing with the record sales:

In the spirit of the season, for every individual download of the song between December 10th and 25th, Bonamassa will donate money to the Keeping the Blues Alive (KTBA) foundation, a non-profit he founded in 2011 and oversees to promote the heritage of the blues to the next generation, fund music scholarships, and supplement the loss of music education in public schools. Bonamassa’s goal is to raise $25,000 in total, and every individual download will help get him closer to that goal.

Want to donate?  Buy a copy over at:

OK so we already are full of guitar God-ness, so let's bring out even more loud raucous fun!  Let's let our favorite wintery holiday have a full holiday-sized serving of some punk rock!  Nothing could be better than hearing all your favorite tunes (and some new ones!) with huge-sounding modern production and an injection of fun and energy!  In 2014, Punk Goes Christmas!!  This namesake album was released just last month (Nov 4th) on Fearless Records- the label keeping all sorts of great pop punk alive and well!  This record features sounds from pop to metalcore and everything in between!  It is jam-packed with amazing bands like New Found Glory, issues, Yellowcard, All Time Low, Real Friends, Crown the Empire, Set it Off and more!  Seriously, you'll  be able to hear issues cover N*SYNC on this, and it is beyond fucking awesome!  Turn it up and try not to mosh into your family members with this on your stereo!

Next up?  Well let's rewind just a bit back to 2012, with an album that is one of my personal favorite Christmas rock/metal classics (next to [now] 2014's Punk Goes Christmas).  It's none other than the super-talented dudes in August Burns Red and their 13 song LP called "Sleddin' Hill"- known more formally as: "August Burns Red Presents: Sleddin' Hill, A Holiday Album".  If you love some yourself some metalcore, breakdowns, double bass, harmonizing guitars, and epic arrangements of holiday classics with a modern 80s twist, THIS is something you MUST hear!  With plenty of guitar leads that will totally rip your face off, this record is full of huge distortion, heavy drums, but no vocals, so you won't TOTALLY scare your grandparents at the Christmas dinner this year!  ;)

Staying in recent years, let's now go back to the punk world of guitar with none other than the legends of punk themselves- Bad Religion!  That's right, one of the best punky hardcore bands to walk this Earth teamed up with Joe Baressi and Epitaph to create one of the most epic punk EPs of all time!  This thing speeds along as only Bad Religion can, is packed with crazy huge almost Queen-like vocals, and plenty of angry distortion.  This album is their first "legit" release of punky xmas tunes, as they have been no strangers to playing awesome punk versions of these classic songs in the past, having played xmas songs at festivals like "KROQ's Almost Acoustic Christmas" shows.  Similar to Joe, Bad Religion donates 20% of their proceeds from this EP to SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests).  So get ready to jump around with plenty of pop-polka drumming and classically bad-ass Greg Graffin lead vocals!  Jump! 

OK, speaking of epic noteworthy lead singer frontmen, did you know that Scott Weiland happens to be a crooner, in addition to his repertoire of belting out grunge classics like "Wicked Garden", "Sex Type Thing", and "Slither"?  That's right, staying right in line with the awesomeness that is the 20-teens so far, Scott Weiland decided to finally show off his crooning skills with his 2011 holiday album!  He released this holiday album which featured 10 holiday classics covering a VERY wide array of styles, from classic big band, to samba and bossa styles.  But nothing breaks the mold, and you won't find any crazy shirtless snake-y dancing here like you would with STP or Velvet Revolver.  Scott keeps his composure and even gains a very gentlemanly appearance which he pulls off EXTREMELY well!  Seriously, if you heard these following tracks without me telling you, you would NEVER believe it was Scott Weiland!  So kick back and enjoy these classics and enjoy the wonderment you will get from knowing it's the same guy who wrote the lyric: "Rape my mind and smell the poppies"

(is it Bing Crosby?!  No!  It's a legend of grunge!)


(seriously, WHAT a stud!!!)

Check out this great glimpse at the tunes here:

OK, so let's keep diving back into the 2000s.  Now in 2005, I remember finding this video before there was really a thing called YouTube (anyone remember "ThatVideoSite"?).  This particular video does not feature any person or band per se, but a house that is purely and quintessentially METAL AS FUCK.  Seriously, you might think this is stupid at first but please watch the whole thing so you can see how insane the light choreography is!  The rumor on the street is that the owner of this house builds lighting rigs for touring bands, and you can totally see why.  The timing and routines on display here will make any fans of music and rhythm light up with joy!  The song?  Well, none other than the Trans Siberian Orchestra performing their Christmas classic "Wizards In Winter"

While you are spitting out your eggnog and marveling at the hilarity of this electrical insanity, trust me, it IS indeed real, with many other houses following suit in recent years!  One can only imagine being this guy's neighbor!  Here's the real-deal story behind the masked man behind this holiday house of horrors!

This display was the work of Carson Williams, a Mason, Ohio, electrical engineer who spent about three hours sequencing the 88 Light-O-Rama channels that controlled the 16,000 Christmas lights in his annual holiday lighting spectacular (from Christmas 2004). His 2005 display includes over 25,000 lights that he spent nearly two months and $10,000 to hook up. So that the Williams' neighbors aren't disturbed by constant noise, viewers driving by the house are informed by signs to tune in to a signal broadcast over a low-power FM radio station to hear the musical accompaniment.

Let's rewind just a little bit further finally to the late 80s, with a bit of holiday NOT-so-cheer!  I mean, how can you expect a lovey dovey happy go lucky song from Kind Diamond?!  That's right you're totally NOT gonna get that kind of song!  You're gonna get a metal classic whether you want it or not!  And it's all about not getting what you want!  "No Presents for Christmas" is the quintessential King Diamond track, full of everything you love about the master of doom and gloom!  I mean just check out these lyrics!

Christmas time is here again
Santa needs a helping hand
We cannot find his evil sheet
To draw his laying for the night
So all the waiting Christmas trees
Gonna hear their master sing

There's no presents, not this Christmas
There's no presents
Tom and Jerry, drinking sherry
They don't give a damn

Christmas time is here again
Santa needs a helping hand
It's getting very, very late
St.Peter's crossed the Golden Gate
And Donald Duck is still in bed
I wonder who he's gonna help

There's no presents, not this Christmas
There's no presents
Tom and Jerry, all done sherry
They don't give a damn

There's no presents, not this Christmas
There's no presents
Tom and Jerry, still drinking sherry
They don't give a damn

I'm dreaming of a white, Sabbath

Listen and learn, kids!

These are the kind of lyrics you totally need to find in your next Hallmark card or perhaps on a new limited edition ornament! 

So with that, we conclude our hilariously long (and heavy) list of br00tal and hard-rocking Christmas songs!  I mean, there is seriously enough music on here to throw holiday parties for both sides of your family plus anyone else you might feel like welcoming into your home for your mosh-worthy party!   Hopefully you laughed, you cried, you screamed, and you were wooed with the greatest thing we all have in life: music! 

From all of us here at FRET12, I would like to personally wish you the finest of holidays, wherever you are, and in the words of King Diamond:

"I'm dreaming of a white, Sabbath!"  \m/