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It may come as no surprise that many pro guitarists still take lessons!  Even some of the more "groovy" ones, who seem like they just do what they want from the soul, and it always comes out sounding "not taught".  This is often the case in the best musicians, especially for those who have their own unique sound; it truly is something that you can't just teach to someone else.

However it doesn't mean artists can't pick up tricks and tips from other fellow pros!  This is certainly the case with Slash!  It was revealed in a recent interview that Slash took guitar lessons from time to time "from his lead singer" (Myles Kennedy)!  ...or at least that's how it is presented by music tabloids.  However, I have no doubt, all of you reading this are well aware of Sir Kennedy's inhuman guitar abilities!  Even Myles' fellow axeman Mark Tremonti has admitted that Myles is one of the best guitarists alive today!

And they are all correct; with a background that ranges from jazz to classic rock and metal, Myles is truly a 6 string rennaissance man!  Slash explains:

"Myles teaches me stuff. Technically he's much more proficient than I am. He knows way more about all that stuff. There's been a few times where he's shown me licks, runs, arpeggios or scales and I'm like, 'What was that?'"

Which totally makes sense.  Any of you who have seen the Fortress DVD will understand Myles' great understanding of the instrument.  However Myles had some kind words for Slash as well:

"I'll show him a little thing he might like — something I've spent months perfecting to execute. Then I'll hear him play it that that night. He'll run through it once then he'll play it that night perfectly. He's a natural and he won't give himself credit for that."

And it goes without saying that any casual listener can hear how much of a talent Slash is on the guitar, especially when it comes to playing from the soul.  Two guitar gods clashing on the new Slash record it would seem!  So there you have it; and Myles, please don't be mad for us bringing this up again, but for guitarists everywhere, you have GOT to hear the playing in this time capsule gem from the 90s!

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picture courtesy of FANPOP!