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Have you had your weekly dose of internet beef, yet? No? Well, good news! You're about to get enough to beef to last a month! This time, the internet feud was brought about by some of the member of GWAR, involving the new front woman, Vulvatron (Kim Dylla). The dispute officially began when GWAR announced that they would be separating from Dylla in an official statement, which seemed to impose no ill will upon the singer:

Now, when it comes to parting ways with any band member, no matter how good the intentions are or how nicely you phrase it, you would be sadly mistaken to think that it could just be left at that. Even if the initial reaction of finding out you’ve been fired isn’t inherently negative, eventually, your reaction will become downright salty, and things will get ugly; we’ve seen it time and time again… It’s sad, really, that former friends have to lash out at each other in hurtful ways just because of a spot in their band, and it’s especially sad that it’s pretty much become unavoidable. This time is no exception as Dylla disputed the claims made by GWAR on Facebook this week (May 7th) that she had just found out about her situation with the band:

Of course, since this goes completely against what Gwar’s statement said, it was bound to start a back-and-forth, which ended up happening. Dylla ended up getting into quite the argument with Brent Purgason A.K.A. Pustulus Maximus on her original Facebook post:

“Brent Purgason: I did tell her in person. January 5th of this year. I’m trying to stay out of this thread but I don’t like being villainized when that’s not the truth.”

“Kim Dylla: No one told me they were getting someone else to play the character I created which is why I am disappointed with the way this was handled. I was told my character was not going to be used for a while and things were going in a different direction with the storyline so take a year off but I’d be welcome back at gigs in the future if they were right for the character. Those are two wholly different things.”

“Brent Purgason: Yeah but this thread isn’t about telling the world about a misunderstanding. This is up here to make us look like dicks. DC comics didn’t call need to call Adam West to tell them they were using Michael Keaton for a new movie. I told you it we never close the door to a chance that old characters could come back to reprise their role for a special event but we were going to continue the group without you. If they fired me they would have a new Pustulus before my amp got cold and that’s the way it is. You and I don’t own the characters we played.”

“Kim Dylla: No but it is respectful to tell you personally before telling the internet and the fans if they were gonna do that. I don’t think you guys are dicks but I do absolutely think you acted like dicks in the way you handled this statement. Anyone would be upset about being treated this way and you can’t expect me not to be.”

“Brent Purgason: We let you go in Jan. You were telling fans misinformation about the next fall tour under the pretense that you were still a band member. How is that respectful to us? We had to clarify that. We didn’t make a big stink about it when it happened because it wasn’t necessary. Many people have played many different characters and their entrances and exits weren’t publicized because the band is not about that. It’s been 5 months and none of us said anything about you being let go. You didn’t have to keep this façade up the whole time. You could have let the fb world know then but now it looks to me like you want to drag this out. Sorry you feel that way but no one here threw you under the bus.”

“Kim Dylla: I designed that costume with Matt, came up with the name, invented everything about the character and the voice because you told me to run with it. It belongs to Gwar but I think you’d at least respect me enough to not put someone else out there in my baby without telling me to my face.”

So who is right in all this? Who the hell knows. It’s especially troubling to see members of GWAR go through this as well, since the band usually keeps stuff like this pretty contained and behind closed doors, not on Facebook of all places. It got especially ugly when Purgason brought up, what he claims is the ‘real’ reason she was let go, in an extremely long-winded post that has since been deleted. The post, and the subsequent exchange, cited problems with Dylla drinking too much before shows as a major reason she outed from the band. This, being one of the ugliest oustings from a band in quite some time, is just magnified so much by the fact that it’s GWAR. The band is known for being goofy, and off-the-wall offensive, not for bickering on Facebook about their characters and drinking before shows.

Hopefully, some clarity will be brought into this situation soon enough by a third-party, to at least alleviate a lot of the ugliness going on, but until then, this is all ti be known about the ousting of Kim Dylla as Vulvatron