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Recently, a bunch of Nirvana stuff is surfacing, more notably with Kurt Cobain. Last month, his mixtapes from before Nirvana surfaced online, and now, it seems that there’s going to be an HBO documentary dedicated to his life, directed by Brett Morgen. There will be a lot of new material too, as Morgen commented:

“Once I stepped into Kurt’s archive, I discovered over 200 hours of unreleased music and audio, a vast array of art projects, countless hours of never-before-seen home movies and over 4,000 pages of writings that together help paint an intimate portrait of an artist who rarely revealed himself to the media.”

200 hours of unreleased music alone??? That’s almost unfathomable. Granted not all of it is probably music, there may be a bunch of unreleased radio interviews or radio talks about him. That is an unheard of number when talking about music, however. 200 hours of music is roughly 267 full-length albums. It seems impossible, so it’ll be interesting to see what the documentary has to offer.


Speaking of unreleased Nirvana music and HBO, the unreleased demo that Grohl talked about in the Seattle episode of Sonic Highways has turned up online. The demo is called “Hooker On The Street”, and as Stereogum pointed out, it sounds a lot like a Red Hot Chili Peppers song. There’s just a lot of funk to it, especially with the lyrics.


You can listen to the demo here:


Not only is that picture of Grohl just pure gold, but It’s really not that bad of a song, although it is radically different from anything else Grohl has released. Not only that, but in the Seattle episode, it was revealed that when Grohl revealed some demos for his early Foo Fighters stuff to Cobain, Cobain kissed him on the face. Uh, yeah. Grohl told the story:

“Kurt heard that, and kissed me on the face, as he was in a bath. He was so excited. He was like, ‘I heard you recorded some stuff with Barrett [Jones].’ I was like, ‘Yeah.’ He was like, ‘Let me hear it.’ I was too afraid to be in the same room as he listened to it.”

You can listen to the Foo Fighters demo here: