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Space.  The Final Frontier.  Wait no, this is a different kind of Pulsar!!!

This thing offers some serious tweak-ability!  It very well may be the ultimate tremolo pedal!  While Pulsar stars offer unrivaled abiltiy to keep time, this pedal may offer the unrivaled ability to keep perfect time of your guitar's tremolo tone!  Yes, this is another crazy new offering from the mad scientists at Electro-Harmonix!   This pedal seeks to be the one pedal that can cover anything and everything one would need from a tremolo pedal. 

Let's face it, tremolo is one of the coolest things you add to a guitar tone.  Predominately used in the fifties and sixties for everything ranging from jazz to surf rock, tremolo added a human-like quiver to your guitar's tone.  And like any awesome classic effect it has been augmented and moved to all extremes to make the craziest tones you can imagine, all the way up to start/stop style noise gating!  Check out these two modern-era songs, which all feature a contemporary "2000s-era use" of the tremolo effect!

Black Stone Cherry - Shooting Star  (brutal high-gain Southern rock n roll trem)

Sevendust - Black (which Clint explains in our latest "The Sound & The Story where he teaches how to achieve this mind-blowing effect you hear right off the bat)

Most tremolo pedals are very basic, and feature the typical arrangement of 3 or 4 knobs, doing the usual stompbox routine.  One knob for level controls the volume of the effect, another controls speed (how quick the tremolo pulses), and one other knob controls how deep it pulses (aka how "Severe" the effect is).  Check out these classic examples, all great pedals, and do the basic job of adding that classic trem sound to your tone:

Then we have some higher end pedals that give the player the ability to do more, such as convenient live features such as tap tempo!

But what if we could have complete rhythmic control over our tremolo- even down to note subdivision, tap tempo, wave inversion, wave styling, phase control, and more?!  Well, again, the fine folks at EHX have heard your cries and have really outdone themselves with the announcement of the "Super Pulsar"!  Not to be confused with the massive neutron stars of the same name; known to astronomers as the visual representation of emitted electromagnetic radiation, THIS Pulsar pedal is named for the aural pulses it can create, in almost any fashion!  (See, you learned some astronomy today!  Nice job!)

So let's get pulsing!  What the hell can this baby do?!

To start, this thing can nail all the vintage surf-y sounds you could imagine, and then some!  From Beach Boys style quick shallow trem, which pairs great with slide guitar and reverb, to slow ballady thick trem, this thing can give you all the classic tones you could want.  This pedal really is THE most advanced tremolo pedal I have ever seen!  Are you worried that you'll come up with TOO many good ideas and settings?!  Well EHX has you covered on that too!  This pedal has 8 memory slots let you store your own settings for stage use later on, and NINE slots for storing rhythm presets, that way you can keep your favorite trem rhythms stored!  How convenient!

Do you like old Fender amps? 

Perhaps the Fender Bias Trem effect?  This pedal does it.  How about Vox RP style or Reverse Trem? 

Yep!  This pedal also covers Optical Tremolo (heard on tons of famous recordings) along with ring-modulation style effects when you want to get your Moog on!  It also offers a gorgeous sounding reverse wave form trem, which gives you that backwards tape type sound. 

Another thing!  Most tremolo pedals always do the same ol' eighth note pulse.  Or whatever subdivision fits into your tempo of music at the time....   No matter what, the sound is ALWAYS the same- an even and steady pace. 

Well this pedal allows you to make rhythms such as triplet feel and dotted eighth patterns, which makes a WHOLE new universe of trem sounds!  All of this combined with the ability to have harsh square waves, can give you Pink Floyd sounds and even the harsh Sevendust style gating you hear in Black! 

But enough reading, want to hear this thing in action?!  Want to hear Bill Ruppert of Effectsology give this thing THE comprehensive test drive?!  Check this out:

One of the most outrageous parts?  This pedal ALSO features THESE two smaller pots on the upper right...

....that let you control the rate and depth of the trem by the way you pick your guitar!  How crazy is that?  By adjusting your playing style, you get automatic adjustment of your tremolo effect!  No crouching down or trying to dick around with the pedal with your foot while you're on stage.  Just change up your pick attack for some all-new sounds which can add new levels of sound to your music!

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thanks to and, plus EHX for the images!