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HOLY &^@$%#@ #@&$ SHARON!!!!!

HOLY &^@$%#@ #@&$ SHARON!!!!!

Let's have a massive holy fuck for MTV!!  Seriously, it's Ozzy, so you know hilarity is going to ensue.  And you know there will be tons of swearing!  And you wouldn't have it any other way! 

Rewind back to the early 2000s, a much simpler time, when there was actually music-related programming on MTV.  What started as a HIT episode of MTV Cribs, turned into (quite possibly) the show that started the horrible thing we now know as "REALITY TV".  It's like they usually say, too much of a good thing turns into horrible TV... or something like that.  For three years, camera crews for MTV camped out in the garage of the Osbourne's mansion, to document the profanity-laden existence that was this family of rock royalty. 

I mean, nowadays, it's almost absurd to picture something related to music on MTV.  A reality show about Ozzy?!  Kids today probably wouldn't even believe that this once existed.

So anyways, Sharon Fucking Osbourne has indeed come clean about this rumor in a recent interview that she did on the UK talk show "Loose Women".  The queen of all things metal explained:

 "Ozzy has decided that he wants to do another few episodes — not a whole season, about eight episodes — of 'The Osbournes'. It's been 13 years since the last one. He said that for the whole three years that we did it, he was drunk the whole time, so he said he would like to do one where he is completely sober, as he is now…"

She added: "It's not forever. It's no more than eight episodes. Because it's been 13 years and our lives have changed so much, it's a kind of catchup. It's like, 'What are they doing now?' That's it."

It REALLY is hard to believe it' s been THIRTEEN years, although really, what a perfectly metal number to choose- seems to relate well to Sabbath's newest album "THIRTEEN".  Most of you may also remember Kelly and Jack, the two ridiculous children, constantly swearing, abusing drugs, and causing all sorts of Hollywood mischief.  Well, Sharon has a point of "where are they now", because you would NOT believe what these kids look like now!




So, in all seriousness, these kids really clean up well, and this is actually pretty amazing news.  This should be absolutely amazing to see this show come back and show these amazing people so many years later.  The lingering question, will MTV do it, and will this actually save that God-forsaken channel by proving that people actually still want music programming?  Time will tell.

In the mean-time, check out Sharon herself!!

And now to close it all out with some nostalgia, please enjoy these classic instances where the FCC Poster-child of Darkness ruins conservative TV programming everywhere!

Images thanks to Blabbermouth and The Mirror