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Absolution: the formal release from guilt or obligation.  And it appears to be calling. 

Incubus is one of the most well-known and respected bands in the entire world, and for good reason too.  The band is a collective of some of the most talented, creative, and outside the box musical minds you will find in modern music.  While they left a lasting impression on the mainstream music scene throughout the late 90s and early and mid 2000s, with albums like the experimental and groundbreaking "SCIENCE", the emotional, driving, and raw "Make Yourself", the musically-genius and sonically stunning "Morning View", the retro and progressive "A Crow Left of the Murder", and the diverse and pensive "Light Grenades".  band has been fairly silent in recent years.  Don't get me wrong, they put out an album after their "record label period" called "If Not Now, When?" but it seemed as though things were "never going to be the same" for this band from this point on. 

The band already faced a huge direction change when founding member and bassist Dirk Lance left the group after Morning View, the change in sound was obvious; yet the band continued to pen great tunes.  However the band grew, guitarist Mike Einziger went to Harvard to pursue the education of music, Brandon Boyd and Jose Pasillas both pursued art and writing careers, and Ben Kenney and Chris Kilmore pursued other musical ventures as Incubus almost seemed to be fading away. 

Granted the music world is very different than the music world that Incubus grew up in, and perhaps they were taking the time to change properly with the times.  The band even went on a hiatus, which seemed to help all the members not only chase their other dreams, but also have a renewed sense of musicality and style, which they demonstrated on their 2011 album "If Not Now, When?"

The band did a subsequent world tour, but it left fans wondering for years when, or even if, the band would make a new album.  In 2014, it was announced that fans could expect new Incubus music in '15, but not as older music fans would expect.  It was announced on both Mike and Brandon's Twitter that the band would be heading back to the studio, which only left fans anxious as to how the new music would sound.  Well, your wait is over!

In true Incubus fashion, Southern California style, they decided to debut the new tune plus talk all things new school on the Kevin & Bean show on the one and only KROQ!  It was announced that the new song is called "Absolution Calling". 

It was also confirmed that the band would be putting out new music, and not in the totally traditional fashion per se- the usual 10ish songs that make up the default full length record that is what we're all so used to.  Incubus (kind of like the Of Mice and Men and Bring Me the Horizon moves that have happened in recent days) is releasing only one song, without a context of any album.  But don't fret, Incubus will put stuff out as a collection, only this time, in the form of 2 EPs, likely of about 4 songs each.  Interesting, no?

Check out the full interview here:

And if you're dying to go on a true trip to experience the new Incubus, well here is the band's brand new lyric video, putting Boyd's eloquent wordsmithing at front and center amidst a sea flurry of field lines and rotating arcs.  Quite fitting I'd say!

The song is truly one to expect from Incubus, and while it does not have the full on riffed out rock sound of their 2000s era material, or the funk, jazz, trip hop, downtempo, ska, thrash whatever the hell you can call Incubus' early style, the new song is definitely Incubus, and really has a lot of melody and songwriting "pop" that I think any listener can quickly enjoy.  The lyrics alone are enough to shift your mood to pensiveness, and the vast soundscapes that Mike Einziger creates with his variety of guitar tones complements the mood of the song perfectly.  And hey, if you love guitar, the bridge of the song features an ultra-ambient and spaced out guitar solo full of effects wackery and bass chaos. 

So bite into this apple, lay down your sword and shield, and if you like it, go pick it up!

Remember Incubus has 2 EPs coming out in 2015, and this first glimpse into what 20-teens Incubus sounds like is very intriguing, especially for this old-school Incubus fan.  Onward!