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If you're a frequenter of the massively buzzworthy band Of Mice & Men, you may have seen them posting videos on their Facebook page of a video shoot.  They didn't say what it was for, or when it would be released.  Fans only knew that they were obviously shooting a music video for (likely) a new single from their 2014 chart-topping effort: "Restoring Force"- which seriously, if you know what's good for your hard rock ear, you'll go buy the damn thing! 

Come Wednesday, the band re-skinned their social media with the following saying only "October 23rd".

SHIT!  What does it all mean?!  I hate teases and vague dates!!!  So what was the big deal???  In the time that had passed since the photo-teases, fans had almost forgotten they were waiting for a new video.  So as it turns out, the new video was indeed dropped today, premiering on USAToday, and it is one for the record books!

In a day and age of amateur and/or low budget music videos, or videos that tend to have that digital "concept-less" feel, this video has a very unique, almost fantastic quality to it- which blends effortlessly with the song's theme and content. 

Directed by Nathan William in Los Angeles and Malibu, CA; the band wanted to use their home state as the setting for this new video.  So why a beach?  It's not like this is some sort of pop video or love song.  The beach was actually used as a tribute to the band's roots and hometown.  This location represents who the band is.  As lead vocalist Austin Carlile said:

"It's [the beach] a spot we usually go to hang out or surf.  That was really important to us. We're proud to be from Southern California, and we've never really had the opportunity to show that in any of our material. So it's not just a beach shot, it's our beach."

In the same article with USAToday, Austin continues:

"The song is about an internal battle and feeling like everything is crashing down on you, it's raining down on you, drowning you," says singer Austin Carlile, who calls Feels Like Forever his favorite song on the band's latest album, Restoring Force. "It's a song that we want to empower people to know that everybody goes through storms, everybody goes through trials and tribulations. It's the focus of how to get out of it, how to better yourself from it, how to learn from it so it doesn't happen again. Then, if it does happen again, you know exactly how to handle it."

With a deluge of gorgeous imagery, time-lapse videography, and plenty of excellent symbolism, THIS is a video that is proof that rock is not only alive and well, but destined to great things.  Even the shell at the very end of the video is the same shell used on the now-iconic record cover for "Restoring Force"- a shell symbolizing the human ear's cochlea, which for you biology majors, helps the human body find its natural equilibrium.  A simple symbol that elegantly represents the fact that even in the hardest of times, we all tend to find a way to restore ourselves back to a peaceful balance. 

...which also ties into the band's name, back-story, and much of the band's thought-provoking lyrics.  It's quite a great story to regard, and with their NEXT recording already finished, I guess more teasing will ensue!  Bring on 2015 and OM&M! 

Hell, even Dave Grohl agrees! 

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