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Juggalos have never been to be the voice of reason in communities. I’ve only ever heard one line from an Insane Clown Posse song. It was the one most people have heard on Miracles, and it was just “Fuckin magnets. How do they work?” That line just sums up everything about Violent J, Shaggy 2 Dope, and every one who considers themselves a juggalo. Everything surrounding Insane Clown Posse just makes you ask yourself “Why?” The group and it’s fanbase have actually even been labeled as a “loosely classified hybrid gang” by the FBI.


Now, it seems the label is becoming more justified as some Portland juggalos have threatened 14 local business owners. On a few of those business were left varying numbers of printed fliers, made with home printer paper. The fliers told the business owners to leave, or “suck our dicks.”

While there are few things on this earth more horrifying than the thought of forced fellatio on a juggalo, is the threat legitimate? Well, maybe. According to a Portland news outlet, some cars have been broken in to around the businesses as well. Apparently, customers have left for 45 minutes to go into one of the businesses and come back to find their cars broken into, so there is some actual threat to the safety of the neighborhood.

Here’s the news report:


The common cause that people are citing is gentrification, and that hipsters in Portland have brought the cost of living up too much, so juggalos are lashing out. It’s understandable why working class people would be upset about the kind of city that Portland has become, but I doubt that this was the intent behind the fliers. It seems just like the collective frustration of a group of people who just want to know how magnets work, but no one will explain it to them...