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After six long years on break, and the belief that Robert Fripp had retired, King Crimson is back, and playing songs through their whole 40 year discography. The U.K. based progressive rock band returned to the U.S. in September for a sold-out tour, and will feature a full 7 members including: bandleader Robert Fripp, saxophonist Mel Collins, bassist Tony Levin, and guitarist Jakko Jakszyk. With seven members, though, the band has never been bigger. Even more exciting is that the band is taking pieces from different periods in their 40 year history including "Starless" "Lark's Tongue in Aspic, parts One & Two" and of course "21st Century Schzoid Man."

The most interesting part of them touring again, however, is that the new lineup will feature THREE drummers. That's right. Three. A massive undertaking for a live show, but it is an epic undertaking nonetheless. Just the drums alone are a sight to see, and watching the three of them do their thing is remarkable. You can watch a solo of the three drummers HERE

The band plans on having the three drummers out front, with the other four members on risers behind them. In an interview with guitarist Jakko Jakszyk had with Guitar World, he explained the odd arrangement

"there is something very egalitarian about the arrangement. Usually the singer is the frontman's the guy that's the focus of attention. By putting him and featured soloists in the back, suddenly the audience's attention shifts to the music and all of the musicians rather than one guy. In a way, the current version of Crimson feels more like an orchestra. It's a real group."

Truly, this will be a performance to live up to the epic feel of the band's music. It will be a hell of a job to organize technically, but it will be quite the show to witness once it’s all together.

Cooler yet, Jakko Jakszyk, who was actually a member of a King Crimson cover band called the 21st Century Schizoid Band, has commissioned a special guitar to be made by Paul Reed Smith to celebrate the tour. The guitar features the artwork for "In the Court of the Crimson King", the band's first album, and is gorgeously finished. That album artwork looks amazing no matter where you put it, desktop backgrounds, phone cases, posters, and this guitar is absolutely no exception. It really can't be described, check out the pictures Here