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Metallica’s Kirk Von Hammett’s hosted his own music/horror festival thing last year in San Fransisco, which was given the name: Fear FestEvil. Obviously the show last year was successful, as Hammett is bringing it back again for round 2 this year. The fest will take place on April 10th-12th this year, and has some pretty interesting bands announced to play the shows:


Along with this, on Hammett’s facebook page, he announced 3 more guitarists will join in on the festivities! So far, Slash, John 5, and Corey Taylor have all been announced to make appearances at the festival. While it is unclear what the roles of John 5 and Slash will be during everything, Corey Taylor was introduced as a panel member, and a murder mystery cast member. Murder mystery? What’s that about?? Well, on the 10th, guests who buy VIP tickets will get to participate in a clue-style mystery in a haunted house, where they have to figure out who-killed-who, all of which will be held at the Winchester Mystery House. It’s unclear whether Taylor, Slash, or John 5 will be playing music, though.

It may be unlikely that the artists will take the stage, actually, as the whole festival seems to be more focused on horror more than music. Taylor, Slash, and John 5 have all also been involved in horror movies in some way (Taylor starring in Fear Clinic, Slash being the owner of his own production company [Slasher Films], and John 5 scoring Rob Zombie’s ‘The Lords of Salem’). Another major facet of the festival seems to be Hammett’s extensive collection of horror memorabilia, and the music falls somewhere behind.

You can learn more on Hammett’s official website 

And on his facebook