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Live nation is one of the U.S.’s largest concert promoters, so it’s no surprise that someone wants to see a bit of cash from them. Apparently, a fan sustained spinal injuries during a Lamb of God show on November 23rd of 2012 in Connecticut. The fan says that he was trampled by the crowd in the standing section of the show, which fractured his spine. The thing is, it seems like he’s only looking for money to cover the cost of the surgery he needed, as he’s suing for $75,000. This is probably chump change to Live Nation anyway.

In his complaint, the fan allegedly:

"was standing in his aforementioned designated area [when] he was violently knocked to the ground and trampled, sustaining… severe [and] painful injuries… some of which are permanent."

and he’s accusing Live Nation of:

"[failing] to provide adequate security for its event patrons and/or business invites; despite the fact that [Live Nation] knew or should have known that the patrons attending the Lamb of God concert event were prone to altercations and/or creating conditions that posed a danger to the safely of other patrons; [and] despite the fact that prior violent and/ar injurious incidents had occurred at similar concerts and/or under similar circumstances."

and that Live Nation’s negligence resulted in him suffering:

"multiple traumatic fractures of the cervical spine requiring surgical fusion; bruises and contusions about the head, neck, body and limbs; permanent impairment of the cervical spine; permanent disfiguring scarring of the neck; bi-lateral shoulder pain; upper back pain; and a severe shock to his nervous system, including a temporary inability to stand or walk after the event."
"as a further direct and proximate result of [Live Nation's] negligence and said injuries, [the fan] has sustained a loss of the enjoyment of life's activities, and in all probability, he will sustain such loss of enjoyment in the future… [The fan] has sustained a loss of earnings and an impairment of his earning capacity, and in all probability he will sustain such losses and impairment in the future."

It really is a shame that this stuff still happens, where a fan gets injured at a show, and has to sue the promoter in order for the medical costs. It’s not even right to sue the promoter, or the band (although Lamb of God isn’t involved in this case), or anyone else who wasn’t directly involved in trampling you. While it’s understandable why someone would be angry after suffering long term injuries from a Lamb of God concert, sue the guys who trampled you, not the people who run the show.