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Thanks to the searching of public records and a tip from some real estate insiders, it has been realized that for just under a cool 3 million bucks, you can own the house that formerly belonged to Tool/A Perfect Circle frontman Maynard James Keenan!

It may come as a bit of a surprise that the brain that came up with the angst-y and blunt lyrics of Stinkfist and The Grudge chose to make home in a this lavish place, in and of the Hollywood excess - elegantly built into the hills below the huge white Hollywood marquee sign in 2001.  What comes as no surprise however, is the majestic, overly-creative, and dream-like expanse of interior/architectural design that touches every square inch of this massive complex. (seriously, wait until you see the pictures)


For a full view (and a massive gallery of interior and exterior pictures of the mansion) check out the actual listing ( at Keller-Williams.  The real estate company notes that the house is completely secluded atop a ridge "with no adjoining neighbors".  For any Maynard fans, that sounds quite fitting indeed.  The listing also makes note of a separate guest house which can also be used as a recording studio, you know, for any visiting artists to use when inspiration strikes.


This interesting sale comes alongside the entire band having to dispel rumors of "the new album" being finished after a quote from guitarist Adam Jones was taken out of context in a recent interview with Rolling Stone (


Jones had apparently been privately joking around with fans after a Portland concert, ultimately saying that not only was the highly-anticipated new album finally finished, but was coming out the next day.  Adam followed up on these remarks on Twitter by saying that this rumor was indeed false, and was followed by "just kidding".


Thankfully for Tool fans everywhere, the new album IS still happening, and new music is on the way!  The guitarist concluded by saying, "Work on the forthcoming album is ongoing and as soon as it is done, trust me, we will be the first to let everyone know."







Troy Stetina filmed a highly in-depth guitar documentary with FRET12 back in 2010.  Teaching lessons, etudes, full songs from his band, solos, and much more, Troy tackled a wide range of guitar techniques.  He also went through insights on guitar tone and equipment.  Troy has played a wide variety of instruments throughout his career, and in 2014 was approached by Greek guitar company Dimis to custom build him the first Troy Stetina Signature Series guitar!


Dimis is known for building exotic guitars from unique woods, and Troy's new guitar is no exception!  This guitar features an Indian Rosewood/Cherry body, a Padauk neck, and a very unique Cocobola fingerboard.  The combination of these rare tonewoods creates a rich sounding guitar that offers extreme note clarity, tight and punchy bass response, and plenty of woody sustain.


Troy Stetina is known for being one of the most renowned music educators in the world, and this guitar is testament to both his knowledge and technique.  Built to sound good in a wide variety of musical contexts, this guitar is equally at home playing at speed or slowed down. An ultra thin neck and thinned out frets make legato a breeze, while hammer-ons and pull-offs become effortless.  The guitar's neck shape offers supreme ease of playability, making wide stretches easier on the hands.  The six strings are spaced closer together for easier transitions and the instrument is available in 21, 22, and 24 fret versions!


The electronics of the instruments takes on the same pristine nature as the build of the guitar's body and neck.  With a set of "Animal Spirits" pickups by Lampifier (coupled with full graphite shielding), the guts of this guitar give even the highest-gain tone complete silence and control when needed!  Hotter-output single coils give complete output uniformity when switching between pickups.

The guitar weighs in at 9 lbs, offering an instrument that balances well for the player without sacrificing tone.  A 5-way selector switch and 2 knobs keep the controls simple and familiar, however offer a huge variety of tones thru tapped coils and blending between the 3 pickup locations.

For a full insight and a complete tone demonstration from Troy himself, check out this in-depth new video!