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Fans of Oakland metal band Machine Head will be disappointed to hear that they will be canceling all of their live dates, set to kick off on Oct 4th, in order to work on their newest album Bloodstone and Diamonds. The band made an official statement on facebook saying

"Our new album Bloodstone & Diamonds has taken longer to complete than expected and we had to make the difficult choice to either delay the album, let it go out as incomplete, or cancel the tour in order to properly finish and promote the album in the caliber it needs to be done,"
"We decided postponing the tour was the best decision for the record."

Very disappointing news indeed, but the band continued to say

“We feel this record is a milestone, we feel we have something truly special here, but getting there has been a challenge.”

Although there may be room for frustration here, as bands canceling shows a few months beforehand is one of the more frustrating things in this world, the band seems very genuine in their cause. A band taking it’s time with a record is a very nice thing to see. It shows that they care about delivering the best possible stuff they can, especially if the band is willing to endure the backlash that comes along with canceling shows, it can be reasonably inferred that they really want to put the polish on this new album, set to release November 10th

However, the most anger doesn’t come from fans this time, but the opener for all of their shows, Children of Bodom. The band’s frontman, Alexi Laiho, went on his facebook to vent his own frustrations. Laiho said that

“Two days ago i was on the top of the world with my ride and stoked to get out there, crank out metal and raise hell with you guys.”
“Yesterday that motherfucker (my car that is) over heated and almost left me on the side of the road and 3 hrs later I found out that the tour was canceled. Funny how life works huh? But hey you know what? Shit fuckin happens, life goes on and at least now we have an extra month and a half to write new cob shit so instead of focusing on the negative, i’m gonna start to write music this very second and it will be some angry shit.”

The Facebook post

Obviously poor Alexi has had a bad couple of days, but we can all take something away from this. Not only is the new Machine Head going to be nice and polished for us, but we’re also going to get some particularly angry stuff from Children of Bodom as well. It’s like a bit of a win-win for those who didn’t buy tickets. Otherwise, for those who did, you have every right to be frustrated, but some good things will come out of this.

As for the new Machine Head album, however, things have not gone so well when it comes to keeping everything together for release. Later last week, the new singles for “Bloodstone and Diamonds” set to release on October 10th, were leaked due to a mix-up with an iTunes UK preorder incentive. Localized to the UK, the Bloodstone and Diamonds page said something to the affect of “pre-order Machine Head’s new album and get TWO free songs.” Not being the band’s intention the song download was pulled, but the internet moves too fast. Torrents were up everywhere with the new songs. Frontman Robb Flynn commented on the event saying

“I found out about it when a friend of mine from the UK texted me saying, ‘Dude, ‘Now We Die’ is KIIIIIILLLLLLLLER,’ I went “uh, how did you hear it...?”
“It had only been localized to the iTunes UK site, (meaning: nowhere else in the iTunes World had a 'Bloodstone & Diamonds' pre-order page even up to be seen) but let's face it, it was only a matter of hours before it went all over torrent sites and YouTube, so us and our label have made the bold decision to follow suit with the UK iTunes page, and offer the 2 songs as a 'gratis' purchase when you pre-order the album from any worldwide iTunes site. "It is going up on Spotify as soon as humanly possible."
"And we've taken it one step further."
"We have decided to upload both 'Now We Die' and 'Killers & Kings' to our own YouTube channels for anyone who wants to hear both songs for FREE, without a pre-order. This is our way of saying 'thank you' to our fans in the U.S. for their patience and understanding in our difficult decision to postpone our U.S. tour."
"We hope these songs show a glimpse of what we've worked on over many months of recording to achieve. Our hope is that this represents why we are taking so much pride and putting in the extra effort and workmanship into creating something we feel is truly special."
"There is no half-stepping in MACHINE HEAD. It's all or nothing.”

Flynn goes on to say a lot more about the new album, which you can read HERE