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Last year, HBO commissioned a mixtape from a bunch of different hip-hop artists to promote the 4th season premiere of Game of Thrones. Most of the names on it were a bit lackluster, Common being the most stand-out one on it, but now, it seems like HBO are going to give it another try, with some much different names this time around. Announced earlier this year, Catch the Throne II was set to feature Anthrax and Killswitch Engage, but they definitely weren’t the biggest names to come. Recently, Mastodon announced that they would be joining in on the mixtape as well! Unfortunately for loud rock fans, though, is that the mixtape seems to be split 50/50 with some hip-hop artists. It was announced that Snoop Dogg and Method Man would also be featured, and oddly enough, producer Yandel as well.

Maybe the split was intentional, as it would appeal to a broader group of people that way, but let’s be honest, there’s countless power-metal bands that would probably be so much better suited to take the place of Snoop Dogg on this thing. Hip-hop and fantasy just don’t mix together very well. Artists like Manowar, on the other hand… That’s not to say that Snoop or Method Man won’t be able to put out an awesome track that will suit the show perfectly, but if you could put money on who could make the better track, you’d probably be best betting on Manowar or any power metal band.

Either way, it’s already been decided, and bands are starting to release some teasers to their new tracks! Killswitch Engage was the first to show off their new track titled Loyalty, on Instagram last month (February 25th):

Obviously, it’s hard to pull much of what the full track will sound like from just that 15 second clip, but the way it seems, it’s definitely in Killswitch’s own style, with not much really done sonically to make the song fit the show. Lyrically, however, it definitely seems like it could be a good fit, especially with a title like ‘Loyalty.’

Next up came Anthrax’s preview, which they released last week (March 3rd):

With this one, Scott Ian even explicitly says that the song should be done in Anthrax’s style, with no fancy shit. Just straight thrash goodness! Although, the video was a bit cheesy, with a nice close-up shot of Scott Ian stomping that Boss Chromatic Tuner pedal while he’s playing:

But, anyway, Mastodon previewed their track this week as well (March 9th):

Of course, Mastodon was given the opportunity to do something really different, and they definitely took it. While the clip may not be representative of the whole song, for this segment, with the folk-inspired drum work, acoustics, and the almost medieval vocals, the band definitely went all out to make the song fit the show. The Mixtape is set to be released with the season 5 premiere of the show on April 12th, so if you’re a fan of the music, definitely get ready to pick it up when it’s released!

It's also worth noting that there seems to be a weekly trend with these announcements, so maybe next week, someone else will be announced for the mixtape?