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Last month, Megadeth lost their guitarist Chris Broderick and drummer Shawn Drover, leaving only mainman Dave Mustaine and Bassist David Ellefson. The band has gone through so many lineup changes in the past, so the loss of members didn’t cause them to disband. In fact, they announced that they would not be touring in 2015, and would instead be spending their time in the studio. Dave Ellefson clarified the situation by saying:

“We’re scheduled to start a new record after the first of the year, to release later in 2015 and touring to take on from there. In an ironic way, if there’s going to be changes, it’s definitely better that it happens when you’re off the road than in the middle of a tour.”
“It doesn’t necessarily mean Megadeth is always going to be out there tour after tour, month after month, like we have been. At least certainly this next year, we’re not going to be. We’re definitely going to be off the road.”

So, the big question on everyone’s minds has been: Who are they going to be recording with? Well, the band knows that the question is burning, and have been teasing their new drummer in a sinister way. Justis Mustaine, Dave Mustaine’s son, posted a video featuring David Ellefson rehearsing with a drummer. The camera is deliberately kept off of the drummer so it’s unclear of who he is exactly.


Here’s the video that was posted: 

Not only that, but Justis also posted a photo of David Ellefson, but in the background, you can see somebody manning the drums. Problem is, it’s just a bit too blurry to make out who it is.

Here’s the picture:

Good job Megadeth, we have officially been teased. We’ll have the last laugh, however, as the magic of the internet will prevail again! Someone will match hand tattoos in the video, or someone will analyze that picture NCIS style.