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Any good band knows exactly how to use the internet hype train to their advantage; it’s made releases bigger, announcements more impactful, and helped to make certain bands talking points for months before they even do anything. Even Slipknot, for example, was able to use a huge internet presence to make the potential replacements for Paul Gray and Joey Jordison a daily topic for discussion on countless metal forums. Off the back of that, their newest album, .5: The Gray Chapter was able to hit number 1 on the Billboard 200, and the album remained a talking point for a few weeks after it’s release. It’s a strategy that works pretty well if you’re a name like Slipknot, but now, even Megadeth is trying it for themselves.

As you probably know by now, Chris Broderick and Shawn Drover have left Megadeth hand-in-hand, and you might know that Dave Mustaine and David Ellefson have been teasing people relentlessly as to who the potential members might be. The internet is typing up a storm of speculation over who the new members could be: Nick Menza’s and Marty Friedman’s names were thrown around, and even Dave Lombardo managed to get mixed in to the discussion somehow. A couple of weeks ago, there were some pretty hefty and specific rumors on about Lamb of God’s drummer, Chris Adler, as well as Angra’s guitarist Kiko Loureiro to be the two new members for the band. Although it was just a rumor, it had some credibility to it, as even Nick Menza gave a response to it. Almost as if Blabbermouth could predict the future, a few days later, the band released this photo:

Along with a few random videos of someone drumming

So it was pretty clear that they were about to announce the new drummer for the band, but of course, good ol’ Dave Mustaine just had to tease us one last time before announcing who it was actually going to be. Although, comparing the picture posted to a picture of Chris Adler, it becomes kinda clear:

Sure enough, the band finally came through and announced Adler’s induction the very next day, in an official statement:

"Dave Mustaine, the creative driving force behind original American metal and hard rock crossover giants MEGADETH, and Chris Adler, drummer for the leaders of modern American heavy metal LAMB OF GOD, will join original bassist David Ellefson in the creation of MEGADETH's anticipated forthcoming album. Adler will be appearing as a guest on the album and contributing his thundering, hard-hitting, and technically precise style and skill, adding new blood and drive into the mix while staying true to MEGADETH's roots.”

"Chris is a tremendous talent, and an amazing person. He is going to bring a new level of excitement and energy to MEGADETH that the fans are going to lose their minds over. I have nothing but respect for my previous drummers, but this is going to absolutely KILL!”

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, your speculation can end here. Judging from the videos posted, and all of Lamb of God’s stuff of course, Adler should be able to do an amazing job for Megadeth. It’ll be awesome to hear the new studio stuff by the end of the year (hopefully). Until then, there’s plenty of speculation left for the potential guitarist…….