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Photos via The Rock Revival

It’s been a few years since Metallica dropped Death Magnetic back in 2008, which isn’t technically the last thing we heard from them. Lulu was only 3 years ago, but that wasn’t even a Metallica album and a lot of people are still dealing with the fallout from that. Well, like it or not, they’re working on their newest album! It may still be in the “blueprinting” phase, as bassist Robert Trujillo puts it, but it’s coming. Trujillo talked to Rock Cellar Magazine about the songwriting process, saying:

"We're just blueprinting everything right now. There are a lot of ideas, a lot of song bodies; you gotta go through the process. For me personally, I'm really excited about what we've been able to jam out."
"I don't like to make predictions, but I'd like to think — at least for me — that I'm really happy with what's happening instrumentally. So let's see how that journey continues."
"Writing a Metallica song is a journey and a process, and it takes time. But that's what's special about it. Metallica likes to nurture a song, nurture an arrangement."
"One of the things that I've noticed since I've been in the band is that as players, Lars [Ulrich, drums], James [Hetfield, guitar/vocals] and Kirk [Hammett, guitar] truly enjoy making music and performing. When they put their instruments on, in a lot of ways they become teenagers again. The impromptu jams — they might be King Diamond or Mercyful Fate, Diamond Head, or Black Sabbath – there's always this excitement that runs through their veins when they put the instruments on, and that carries over into original ideas too."

So, there you have it. It’s in the works, whether or not you’re still angry about Lulu.

In the same interview, Trujillo also talks about the new Jaco Pastorius documentary that he’s been working on out of his own pocket. He mentioned some of the interviews that will be featured in the film, and there are some pretty big names on there. He said:

“I jumped on board about five years ago, and in that time frame we’ve secured about 75 interviews. Herbie Hancock, Joni Mitchell, Bootsy Collins, Sting, Flea, Carlos Santana, it’s a really wide spectrum of musicians that gave us their time and energy.”
“That’s really a statement to Jaco, because all these people really cared about him. It was unfortunate the way he died, but in a very short amount of time he did a lot.”

He also talked about when the film would be released, saying:

“We’re shooting to have the film locked & ready for South By Southwest in mid-March. That’s our target right now. We’re still editing right now, but it’s getting better and better as we go along. I’m so proud that I can see the finish line.”

It’s postured to be a very interesting film, even if you’ve never heard of Jaco or anything that he’s done. Especially with all the time and effort that has gone into it, it'll definitely be worth a watch or two

You can check out a trailer for the film here: