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Not gonna lie, when I first caught wind of the 'tallica doing a "residency at Ferguson", my mind immediately rewound back to 2003 when Metallica did a "residency of sorts" at San Quentin Prison for their St. Anger video shoot!  What can be more metal than a hugely popular thrash metal band invading a controversial place to perform a concert/music video?  They've invaded prisons, shot full-length motion pictures, and even performed their live show in Antarctica! 

In case you don't remember (because you might still be trying to block those ping-pongy snare drum sounds out of your head), Metallica released an album called St. Anger back in 2003 and shot and performed the title track's music video in a maximum security prison! 

This video was quite the ballsy move, as evidenced in this news-making feature below, because really, it does seem quite risky and "button-pushing" to perform a very loud and angry song while locked inside a prison to a massive sea of rowdy inmates. The band has played countless rock arenas, clubs, and stadiums, but NEVER a venue like this.  Never has a band tackled the task of performing INSIDE a prison, let alone "the Q"....

Check out this "Making Of" clip:

OK, sorry, don't be too angry about all this St. Anger stuff!  You're probably yelling that this is ten year old news and that the record sucks!  Well, as it turns out, Metallica will not be making headlines and stirring up MORE controversy again by doing a residency in the town of Ferguson- which has been the setting of much protest and civil unrest over the course of the last few months. 

No, they will be instead spending an entire week with THIS Ferguson!  That's right, Metallica will be featured as the house band/musical guests on "The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson"!  Craig announced his retirement/final season, and he chose none other than the fathers of thrash to be the week-long resident band on his show's final season!

Similar to how the Foo Fighters took over the "Late Show With David Letterman", Metallica will be performing each night for an entire week; which, paired with some back and forth with the always-funny Craig Ferguson, should provide a fantastic farewell to the show!

The band announced:

 "We're excited to celebrate Craig Ferguson's final season on CBS as he has asked us to join him for an entire week of performances starting Monday, November 17th. We'll be playing every night that week and on the first night (Monday) we'll sit down with Craig to chat about all things 'TALLICA."