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Did you know that the guys in Metallica actually say the phrase: "it's like Some Kind of Monster" when they were listening to [now current] bassist Rob Trujillo's audition? It's not just something they made up for a cool sounding movie title!

While the title does sound awesome, it actually has a lot of relevance to the band and their past. It seems like just yesterday that everyone couldn't stop complaining about "St. Anger"... It's hard to believe that only a year after the dreaded Metallica album with no guitar solos, the band not only headed into therapy, rehab, and recording studio battle royales; but also decided to document their most tumultuous years for their fans (and enemies) to see!

It was a bold move, but ten years later, it has gone down to be one of the most talked about and referenced band documentaries of all time! The massive film covers the 2001 departure of long-time bassist Jason Newsted, and also covers the band's near break-up during the recording of "St. Anger"!

So why even mention a 10 year old film? Well, the band is re-releasing this film as the original has long been out of print. This being the case, they will also make it available on a two-disc Blu-Ray! This new piece will be available for purchase on November 24! Plus, as a special bonus for fans, this re-release will also contain almost 30 minutes of new footage, which will serve as a follow-up to the original. It is called "Metallica: This Monster Lives", and was filmed at the 2013 Toronto Film Fest during the release of Metallica's also-epic "Through The Never" motion picture!

picture courtesy of IMDB