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Billy Corgan has been slowly releasing track by track on his new album, Monuments to an Elegy. While he is playing under the tile of Smashing Pumpkins, Jeff Schroeder and Tommy Lee were the only other two in the studio with Corgan. So, whatever you value Corgan’s musical skill for solo, come into this album with that, as he is practically solo. The album is set to drop December 9th, though, you may observe. Well, it’s actually available on iTunes First Play, right now.

Here’s the link. It’ll open your iTunes if you have it installed 


While we’ve already heard the opener to this album, Tiberius, and it’s follow-up, Being Beige, the album kicks off with a jolt. Tiberius made a great opener to this album, and then you have the much lighter and more melancholy (heh) Being Beige to follow it up, which paints a fairly stark contrast. It also sets up the rest of the album instrumentally, as Corgan is very content to use synths over guitar riffs at some points. It has much more of an electronic focus than any of his other albums.


This album is not a Siamese Dream, or a Gish, but it’s also not a Zeitgeist or an Oceania. It stands tall on it’s own, and that’s something in it’s own right. It has it’s flaws, as many albums do, but it’s a successful effort in it’s own right. Whether it can be attributed to Tommy Lee giving Corgan new sonic life, or Corgan getting his groove back on his own, they really put out one more solid record.

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