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So last week, on Friday, the Foos were in Chicago, playing a surprise show at the Cubby Bear, releasing a new song called "Something From Nothing", AND debuting their new HBO series "Sonic Highways"! 

How on Earth could they possibly be dropping more news?!  Well, as only Dave Grohl can do, the awesomeness just keeps on coming!  Dave phoned into KROQ for "The Kevin & Bean" show to talk all about Nirvana, the 20th anniversary of the Foo Fighters' first moments, the infamous "Gene Simmons quote", and much more!

Interestingly enough, October 17th marks the 20 year anniversary from when Dave took his stockpiled ideas from years of songwriting to a studio in the wake of Nirvana's demise.  He had no plan for a record and even crazier- no complete band! 

Dave explains this part of his past:

“The crazy thing is October 17th is the 20th anniversary of the day that I went to the studio down the street from my house in Seattle and started recording the first Foo Fighters record, which I didn’t think was going to be a record because it wasn’t even a band. I just went down the street to record these songs and it was kind of the first thing I did since Nirvana had ended. It’s hard to believe that the last 20 years have gone by and that we’ve landed where we are today.”

Dave also goes on to elaborate even more about the production of "Sonic Highways" and the fascinating aspect of recording each song in a different location!  Take New Orleans for instance:

“The environment should influence the outcome of the music, whether it’s recording in a garage or whether it’s the rain in Seattle, or the humidity in New Orleans.  A lot of these places that we recorded at, some of them weren’t even studios. The place we recorded in New Orleans is this tiny 200 year old building call The Preservation Hall, where The Preservation Hall Jazz Band plays 3 shows a night, they play traditional New Orleans jazz in a room that’s like the size of my bedroom when I was a kid. There’s no microphones. There’s no PA system. There’s just church pews and a jazz band, and they pack it every night. This is in the French Quarter. There were bars to the left, to the right, and across the street. There were times where Taylor would do a drum track, then he’d have to walk across the street and pull me out of the bar to come listen.”

Then, Dave tackled the infamous "Rock is Finally Dead" phenomenon started by Gene Simmons.  It is indeed refreshing to hear SO many up and coming, as well as established rockers speaking their 2 cents about rock being not only alive and well- but making a comeback!

“There’s lots of rock being played and lots of rock being cared about and being made all over the world. I think popular culture works in cycles. Think about where music was just before Nirvana and Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, Alice In Chains and all those bands that blew up. We were kind of in a place where it almost seemed untouchable. There were a lot of bands that were really heavily stylized and heavily produced. It was really fun and it was fun to party to, but there are some times that you get hungry for something that’s real. I want to see a dude sweating blood over his instrument he just smashed on the ground. Everybody has that in them sometimes, and I just think it sort of works in these cycles. For me it’s my air, it’s my food, it’s my lifestyle. It’s just what I do. My band is my family and the music we make is our voice. It’s never going to disappear. When I step out at a Foo Fighters gig, either in an arena, club or stadium full of people singing ‘Everlong’ or ‘My Hero’ or ‘Pretender,’ rock and roll is alive and well in my house. I’m sorry that some people might feel starved for it.”

If you would like to check out the entirety of Dave's interview, then head over to KROQ to check it out!

But wait, that's not it!

What would a Friday be without some new Foo Fighters tunes?!  You've already heard "Something From Nothing", but now feast your ears on "The Feast And The Famine"!  The band will be streaming the new track on YouTube and is the second song released to the public so far from their upcoming record.  Last time, the song's artwork depicted a Chicago landmark, and this time it appears to be Washington D.C.'s Washington Monument. 

This new track offers even more trademark Fooisms (I think that needs to be a term now, as these songs just keep getting more and more recognizable)!  Beginning with a simple dirty guitar motif and Grohl's distinctive voice, it isn't long before the song explodes into a driving chant revolving around the song's title.  In fact the riffs and build of the song are quite similar to band's hit single "Rope"!  The driving tune is stripped back and simple, and almost repetitive; but at the same time, who said it's a bad thing to repeat a great idea?!  Give the track a listen right here:

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This new music also comes along with the announcement that the Foos will be playing a huge concert next summer at Chicago's Wrigley Field (conveniently right across the street from the Cubby Bear that they just played last week!)  See?  It all comes full circle...

What will next Friday bring?!