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More than MTV's ICON

More than MTV's ICON

My how times they are a-changing!  It seems like one could just switch on the TV right as we speak, head over to MTV, and see an episode of "Pimp My Ride" or "Meet the Barkers".  While these may not be the programming that MTV was known or adored for back in the golden "music video" age of music television, it is nonetheless some of the programming that defined the early 2000s.  And by comparison, it is quite missed- as today's MTV has quite literally, nothing to do with music.  Which is really quite sad indeed, the only solace we might take from this is that MTV has nowhere to go but up from here. 

Until that time comes however, we are stuck wondering if MTV even gives a damn about musicians, the lost art of the music video, or the music scene.  Remember, there used to be a day you could watch Filter making a music video.  Or, you could go on tour with your favorite band on shows like "Diary of Incubus".  Or you could watch some kids fulfill their dreams of transforming into their favorite artist on "Becoming".   Or you could just tune in to see if your favorite hard rock or metal music video could beat out the Backstreet Boys on TRL!  The creativity was flowing, the originality was there, and the scene was alive and well!  Now, MTV has abandoned all of the staples that offered the music scene a place to live.  And nobody knows why, or where to go from here.

It seems like the folks at MTV may still be somewhat in touch with music legacy [at least] as they plan to honor a man that younger generations may know only as the dad on the old show "The Osbournes"!  More importantly, Ozzy Osbourne, aka the Prince of Darkness, was the legendary front man of both Black Sabbath and his own solo outfit which spawned tons of massive metal icons like Zakk Wylde, Mike Bordin, Rob Trujillo, and much more! 

It is Ozzy himself who will be honored with the "Global Icon Award" at the 2014 MTV EMAs.  The EMAs are the European Music Awards that MTV hosts, similar to the VMAs here in the US.  While Nicki Minaj will be hosting the event overseas, you shouldn't scoff at this award.  This award has only been given out four other times, with Oz being the fifth to receive it!  Prior winners were Whitney Houston, Bon Jovi, Queen, and Eminem. 

With Black Sabbath back in full force and enjoying the success of last year's new album "13", plus the continuation of Ozzy's solo career, Ozzy really does show no signs of slowing down!  Like his 2007 hit "I Don't Wanna Stop" says: "All fired up, I'm gonna go 'til I drop, You're either in or in the way, don't make me I don't wanna stop"

Ozzy told the Pulse of Radio:

"I don't wanna stop, you know," he said. "It's been the biggest love affair of my life."

He continued: "When you reach a certain age in rock 'n' roll, people think, 'Well, this has got to be his last tour,' or 'This has got to be his last tour,' or 'You've got to come next Tuesday 'cause he ain't gonna do it after that.'

"You'll know when I've come off the road permanently. I mean, you'll know!"

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