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Once upon a time, in the 90s, there were two illustrious bands: Converge and Cave In. These two east coast legends have helped to spawn some of the best metal and hardcore music out there, and have created so many projects with each other, including, but not limited to: Old Man Gloom, All Pigs Must Die, Kid Killowat, and their newest effort, Mutoid Man! This newest project, unlike Old Man Gloom, which came from Nate Newton and Caleb Scofield, now stems from Cave In vocalist Steve Brodsky, and Converge drummer Ben Koller. Mutoid Man has been around, technically, as they released a pretty good EP called Helium Head back in 2013, but that was all the world had heard from the band. There was plenty of speculation that the band would be a “break-up without even releasing a full-length” kind of band, but now, they’ve proven that speculation untrue!

Steve Brodsky and Ben Koller did an interview with Rolling Stone today (April 23rd), in which they debuted and talked about their newest song, Sweet Ivy. Not only that, but they gave details on a new full length that they would be releasing on June 30th, titled Bleeder.

The most important part is that song, which is absolutely phenomenal:

This song is just stacked up to the brim with raw guitar sound that loops and turns relentlessly upon itself. The aggressive looping of the same guitar riff over-and-over again just feels like someone is standing in front of you and slapping you, until you eventually just give in. On top of all that, we get Steve Brodsky’s aggressive, punky vocals on top of it all. If you’re a fan of hardcore or punk, this is definitely a song you need to listen to. Plus, the band members all gave amazing answers to some of Rolling Stone’s questions:

How would you describe the band's sound to someone who's never heard Mutoid Man?

Cageao: Meth addiction?
Koller: Combine every leg split Jean-Claude Van Damme has ever done in a movie and imagine what that would sound like musically in your brain.
Brodsky: The ghosts of Sir Lord Baltimore and Captain Beyond on a sonic pub crawl.

These guys definitely have something to be proud of, and you should definitely be following their album progress pretty closely.