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Chicago hard rockers CHEVELLE have been working on a follow up to 2011's "Hats Off to the Bull" with long-time producer Joe Barresi in Pasadena, CA.  Released via Epic Records on April 1st, the new album is entitled LA GARGOLA, and is 10 bruising songs of trademark Chevelle.


In February, the band released the album's first single "Take Out the Gunman" which features the down-tuned hooky guitar riffs we all crave as well as the addition of cowbell(?!) in the song's verses.  The song has soared to the #2 spot on the Mainstream Rock Charts, and Chevelle has undoubtedly become a strong light in a somewhat dim and struggling music scene.


La Gargola is the band's seventh full-length studio record and universally seems to be pleasing fans and critics alike.  Kevin Blumeyer of UTG Review muses about the new single: "I don’t think I’ve heard this much anger in Pete Loeffler’s voice since the band’s 2003 breakthrough, Wonder What’s Next."  


The album only builds on what 'Gunman' started, with a wide variety of heavy songs that are sure to please even the most hard-nosed Chevelle fan.  Pete even states that songs like "Jawbreaker" are similar to the same head-bobbing groove of "Face to the Floor", albeit a bit more 'metal-jazzy'.  Not wanting to remain constant with tones, Pete revealed his desire to try new pedals and effects, including "a lot of fuzz and different sounds".  In fact, for you guitar nerds reading this, check out this behind the scenes studio video. 


Chevelle has proven time and again, that line up changes, an unpredictable music industry, and label controversy cannot stop this band from growing while still retaining their hallmark classic sound.  Perhaps, just like the Chevrolet classic muscle car they are named after, this band proves to be timeless, instantly recognizable, and quintessentially original - and lest we forget, plenty of raw power and attitude.


Check out the full album on iTunes, and do yourself a favor and pick up this sure-to-be classic of 2014!

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