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The Lamb of God saga has been unfolding all over the music front for the last few years.  Lead singer D. Randall Blythe was arrested and imprisoned after being convicted of murder after a fan fell off the stage at one of his shows.  The fan was sadly part of a hectic on-stage altercation involving band and venue security and allegedly Randy himself.  After incidences like the Dimebag Darrell murder, no musician can be too safe or too defensive on stage.  After a long period where many fans and musicians had no idea if Randy would go free, he finally was allowed to return home to the US, where he would later go back to stand trial and face his possible conviction.


Thankfully, things went better than expected and Randy was found to be innocent of his charges.  All of these trials and tribulations however, put a huge wrench in the spokes of the band, as LoG has not released any new music since January 2012's Resolution. 


It is often said that in heavy music, the best music/lyrics are written in the darkest of times; and times could be no darker than the last few years for this band- where their future was uncertain and no matter what, involved the tragic loss of a loyal fan.


Randy had plenty of time to write his thoughts in prison, thoughts which will undoubtedly come across in the band's new material. 


To add to more darkness, Blythe lost a very close friend in Gwar frontman Dave Brockie earlier this year as well.  Randy also has an upcoming book detailing his experiences. 


Randy appeared on "The Jasta Show" led by Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta.  It's a must-hear for fans, but most interesting is the fact that Blythe is hinting towards an early 2015 release!


Seriously, here are Randy's exact words:


 “I have been writing my book for a while but the majority of my book has been written since January. It will be released early part of next year along with the new Lamb of God record … I started writing lyrics for the next record in prison.”


There you have it!  Plenty of LoG and Randy awesomeness to look forward to in the coming months!