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It’s always awful for an artist when an their album leaks super early and they don’t get a chance to promote their stuff properly, but sometimes it works out okay. Bjork’s newest album, Vulnicura, was leaked days after it was announced, and it still managed to be one of the more notable releases of 2015 so far. It doesn’t seem like it can get much worse than music getting leaked right after announcing it, but something much worse managed to happen to Tool: their new music leaked before they even announced a release date. It’s especially heinous with Tool, since generations of people have been waiting for this new Tool album. It would be so wrong to listen to this new song, but the temptation is just too right. Here it is:

Truly one of the most influential, beautiful pieces in all of western music 11/10 greatest song of all time.

In all seriousness, Tool put on a pretty good ruse for this April Fools day; it had me going at the very least. They even went so far as to dat the video 3/32/15, so it wouldn't not tip off potential victims. There are not-so-subtle hints that it was a joke that you may have missed as well, like using the word interwebs instead of internet, the hashtags they used (#sueeverybody #marchthirtysecond),and the use of “spread it like herpes” in the youtube description. Good job Tool, you got us. It’s also cool to note that they went with the less popular “El Sondito” by the Hechizeros Band, instead of the overused “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley.

Be on the look out for more shenanigans by artists today, but also, allow me to take you through a brief history April Fools pranks by significant figures:

Like that one time the BBC reported about spaghetti trees on April first 1957:

Or that time The Guardian made up an entire island country in 1977, and had people calling in all day asking about potential vacation spots. Note that everything on the 'island' is named using printing terminology (i.e. Lower Caise, San Serif, Gill Sans, etc.):

And, probably the best of all, when Taco Bell said that they were going to buy the Liberty Bell: