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I know, I know, it's BMTH!  Don't get all offended that it might not be something you like!  Trust me, this new song from Bring Me The Horizon is truly worth taking a listen to!  A band once known for their screaming metalcore ways has truly grown into more experimental and vibe-y/trance-y styles with their latest record "Sempiternal" (pictured above).

After four HUGE singles from the chart-topping disc, BMTH has been hard at work on recording new material, and today have released the first single to come out SINCE "Sempiternal". 

The new track is called "Drown" and is a poppy-electronica sounding track full of huge choirs of vocals, the undeniable vocals of Oli Sykes, and a vast sea of ambience.  The slow-burn is quite strong in this track, and while it is sure to upset some old BMTH fans who were hoping for more metalcore chugs, this new track is sure to delight new fans and listeners of rock in general! 

Plus, the video happens to be quite epic!  Think- Incubus' "Talk Shows on Mute" meets "The Exorcist"! 

I know right?!