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Well, that was simple. The Slipknot camp has been swimming in member controversy since the band made plans to record their first new record since 2008's All Hope Is Gone. With the tragic death of bassist Paul Gray, the fill-in of Donnie Steele, and the somewhat random and abrupt departure of staple founding member and drummer Joey Jordison; the band has been taking fans on a roller-coaster ride of news and controversy.

The internet seems to already know who both replacement members are already, or at least the mystery stringsman providing the low end for the band (thanks to even more creative fan-sleuthing). The drummer has been speculated to be everyone ranging from Chris Adler of Lamb of God to Roy Mayorga to Dave Lombardo. None of the obvious choices seem to be the one however. And with one simple tweet, it seems that the internet may have its answer to who will be providing the drums to the new 'knot.

Many of you are probably familiar with Bruce Springsteen drummer Max Weinberg, who also played on Conan O'Brien. Max has a son, Jay Weinberg, who also followed in his footsteps; who at one point was the permanent drummer for Against Me!

Against Me!'s front woman Laura Jane Grace tweeted her best wishes to Slipknot, with the hashtag . Obviously voicing displeasure with their [now] ex-drummer, it seems quite apparent that Jay Weinberg jumped ship to join forces with Slipknot.#shitbag

What do you think? Is this just coincidence? Or do you think this is actually the new replacement for the inimitable Joey Jordison? Let us know!