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As you’re probably aware of by now, Mark Tremonti will be releasing his sophomore album, Cauterize, under his solo-project on June 9th. What you may not have known, however, is that he will also be releasing a second full-length sometime within a year! “How is this possible?” you may ask, “Are the Tremonti members just wizards, who can summon awesome music from the void?” Well, kind of. Mark recently spoke to Guitar International, where he explained that the band was actually able to record 2 albums worth of material, saying:

"On the first CD, we were under time and financial constraint. Plus it was only me, Eric and Garrett and we didn't have a bass player. We were initially going to release it online and see what happened. As things progressed, we got really excited about it and felt we needed to release it as a CD, so we needed to find a bass player and tour for it.”

"We knew what we were capable of going into this CD, so we increased the budget tremendously. We got more time out of Elvis Baskette, spent more time in pre-production, and pushed the writing process as hard as we could with the sessions being four times as long compared to the first CD.

"We spent at least 40 days writing together before pre-production. On ALTER BRIDGE's 'Fortress' CD, we only spent a week writing, multiply that many times over to see how much work went into this CD."

"We have a fully completed second CD that came from these sessions. This is just part one of the two-CD cycle. We are going to release 'Cauterize', see how it does then try to develop a plan to release the second CD; whether as a complete CD or as singles over time."

"Yeah, it was really tough. One of my favorite songs from all 20 songs was a song called 'Dust'. It will be the last song on the second CD, so if we release a song at a time, it will be the last song anyone will get to hear, which is tough for me."

He also clarified about the quality of the material, adding:

"I don't want anyone to think this CD is the 'A' sides and the second CD will be 'B' sides. That's not the case, and I want everyone to like the second CD just as much as the first one.”

So, there you have it folks. Wether it will eventually come as two EPs, a bunch of singles, a whole separate album, or maybe not even released at all, there is two albums worth of new Tremonti music out there right now. Along with talking about writing this second album worth of material, he also talked about how the band was going for a heavier sound on Cauterize, saying:

“When I started pulling out ideas to show the guys, they seem to get more excited about the heavier songs. We had eight or nine heavy songs done when it dawned on me that we want the CD to be more dynamic. Ten heavy songs don’t sound as heavy as if you have six heavy songs mixed with a few atmospheric songs and a slow song. But, we do want to make it heavier than the first CD.”

You can preorder Cauterize here, the album will be officially released on June 9th, Preorders ship on June 5th

You can also connect with Mark Tremonti in the meantime