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Randall Amplifiers presents the Ultimate Nullifier.  What the hell?!  And why is there a thumbnail of Scott Ian?! 

Yes, he is the man; and the lord of facial hair and thrash metal has a signature amplifier that bears his name, sound, and design.  The Scott Ian Signature Amp, otherwise known as the Ultimate Nullifier.  Weird name, but then again Randall is known for having crazy names for their beastly sounding amps.  Can you say Satan?! 

Scott Ian is part of an elite group of signature artists signed with Randall, standing alongside Kirk Hammett of fellow thrashers Metallica, Nuno Bettencourt from Extreme, George Lynch, and Ola Englund (Signature Satan amp pictured above).  Talk about one heavy line up....

So what's the deal on this thing?  Scott Ian has been with Randall for quite some time and this amp isn't even the newest thing on the block, but with 2015, comes news of both a new Anthrax album and what is the recording tone of choice?  You guessed it!  The Nullifier.  Scott started off with a signature head called the RM100SI, which was the legendary RM100 module head, but loaded with Scott's fav modules, some being his signature custom tones built into the amp's removable modules!


This RM100 signature featured a Malcolm module for his base tone, then his "1987" module for his main chunk, then a "the nuts" module for his over-the-top too much gain tone.  You can check out the great sounding, jack of all trades 1987 tone here:

While this was a sweet set up, it wasn't long until Mike Fortin decided to get involved and make everything so far, null and void.  Right?

Randall has long been one of the go-to amps in hard rock and metal, even with their legendary solid state amps that the late great Dimebag Darrell used back in Pantera, proof that tubes were not always the necessary force to having an awesome tone.  In the last 2 years or so, Randall has been getting more involved in tube driven, boutique-y builds along with blazing new paths in designing amps built for down-tuned music for 7,8 and 9 string guitars- something older amps never were intended to cope with. The Randall Satan (Ola Englund's Sig Head) is a perfect example of this new design philosophy.  Randall has benefited even further in this new model by teaming up with the lord of amps himself: Mike Fortin. 

Check out this great piece where Randall's Joe Delaney and Mike Fortin himself talk shop and all things amp-nerdery:

So, in January it was announced that the Nullifier was the amp used on the upcoming and highly-anticipated Anthrax album. 

YES.  So much thrashy sauce.  The coolest thing about this amp's design is the story behind it.  Scott was turned on to Randall by none other than Dime, who first heard Scott's searing tone at an impromptu jam session at Dime's house in Texas.  Thanks to a TC Electronics pedal going into a Randall half stack that Scott was borrowing from Dime, Dime's Randall had that "Scott Ian sound".  But wait, fans of grindy-sharp distortion and crunchy greatness will be pleased to know that Scott has just filmed a video telling all there is to know about his signature amp along with putting the Nullifier through its paces.  Check it out:

Here are some of the basic specs:

SCOTT IAN SIGNATURE: 2 Channel – 4 mode 120 Watt All tube head with Active/Passive inputs, High and Low Frequency Gain controls, Variable boost global for both channles, Full EQ for both channels,Presence/Depth power amp voicing, Push/Pull bias controls, Series/Parallel Loop, Heavy duty metal front/rear grills, corners, edging, Dual side handles for easy lifting tons of gain and aggresion. 2 Button LED footswitch included.

The coolest part?  It features a master gain, plus separate gains for lo and hi frequency gains!  Why bother with this?  Well, the gain "chunk" can come from a variety of lo and hi places, which Scott demos in the vid, as he says, the lo freq could very well be the "anger" knob.  This amp features a huge amount of tone, and the nice thing is, you won't need to TC Electronics distortion, as it's built in.  So no boxes are needed to drive and tighten the front end, just grab the head and plug in, and you have all the sweet tone your thrashy little heart could ever want. 

Wattage / Power 120 watts Channels 2 + Boost Tubes (6) 12AX7 & (4) 6L6 Impedance 16, 8, 4Ω Minimum FX/GATE/REVERB (1) Tube driven series/parrallel footswitchable loops FOOTSWITCH 2 button LED switches Channel and Boost (RF2-LED)

Wait... one more coolest part.  If you love the custom art on the amp head, then you can also get a custom cabinet to match:

BAM!  Simple, just like the one inch punch.