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Musikmesse 2015, one of the largest musical instrument trade shows in the world, is going on in Frankfurt right now, and it’s been the stage for many different companies to showcase their new lines of products. They’ve already showcased a ridiculous $2,000,000 Gibson, tons of different pedals and synths, new Pearl drum kits, and Martin even announced new X Series and Road Series models, along with a 50th Anniversary limited edition D-35. While all of those announcements are pretty spectacular, especially that absolutely absurd Gibson, it pales in comparison to the different amps that have been featured. Marshall has already revealed their Astoria series, which is even a joy to look at (seriously, check this thing out), but more towards the technically impressive, comes Orange’s new Rockerverb Mark III.

That’s right, the third generation of Rockerverb heads is here:

Okay, so it doesn't look too much different on the outside from the Mark II heads, which we have in our store, it’s definitely a lot more unique under the hood. Orange has completely reworked their twin channel layout for this one, bringing what they describe as a more ‘chimney’ Clean Channel Tone, and a richer, more usable, spring channel reverb. The other huge feature that Orange is parading, is the new switchable output power system. For owners of the new Mark III 100 Watt head, you’ll be able to dial down your output power to 100, 70, 50, or 30 watts on a 2 valve selector. If you end up going with the 50W head, you can still drop the power down to 25 if need be.

Here’s the full press release from Orange:

Orange Amplification is proud to announce the launch of the third generation of its British built Rockerverb Series guitar amplifiers. This latest incarnation, the Orange Rockerverb MKIII, sees the most significant changes to the series to date, and is available in 50W and 100W head formats or as a 50W 2x12" combo - in its original top loading design. Bringing together over a decade of user feedback with numerous improvements to the iconic design, the new models are some of the finest sounding and most feature-laden amps the company has ever produced.

The highly versatile twin channel layout has been reworked, with a re-voiced non-master Clean Channel which now takes on a more 'chimey' nature. Combined with a richer and more usable valve driven spring reverb, the MKIII produces an abundance of classy, shimmering rhythm tones via a new two band EQ. The Dirty Channel now carries much more of a punch, whilst retaining all of the character which made the Rockerverb so popular. From edgy British overdrive, to ferocious riffing tones and full-on soaring leads - it's all there!

Orange Rockerverb MKIII models have even more headroom but, in a first for the series, the latest version now features power scaling across the range. The 100W head can be tamed from full power to 70, 50 or 30W, whilst the 50W models can be switched down to half power.

For even greater flexibility, the MKIII also includes Orange's ever-popular footswitchable Attenuator, allowing guitarists to push the output stage of the amplifier into breakup at any volume. Unlike a load box, Orange's Attenuator design maintains the all-important relationship between the output transformer and the speaker. Even at 'bedroom levels', the playing response remains springy, immediate and inspiring. The footswitch feature adds another level of functionality, meaning the Attenuator can be defeated remotely for a clean boost to jump out of the mix in a live setting.

Completing the whole package is a highly transparent, low impedance valve buffered effects loop, ensuring an all valve signal path from input to output.

Whilst the previous version may have been an almost impossible act to follow, with a host of updates and refinements, the stunning MKIII is set to reaffirm the Rockerverb's position as the rig of choice for touring and recording artists the world over.

This is definitely something to keep your eyes on, if you’re looking for a new head, but be prepared to wait. No official release date has been announced. You can track the progress of this model on
Orange's website.