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We all know and love him, it's the affable and unbelievably skilled guitarist in Periphery's trio of stringsmen: Mark Holcomb! 

And while we've seen him play instruments across a variety of top-tier brands, in 2013 we started seeing an awful lot of PRS guitars floating around on his Facebook pages and on stage with the band.

I mean just check these out (warning: severe guitar porn below):

Mark has been known to provide a lot of the slinky sounding, note-packed, "shredder's wet dream" riffs that have been founding on everything Periphery 2013 and after.  Formerly of Haunted Shores, Mark has brought the melodic side of prog and given Periphery a huge injection of even more diverse style.  Mark first lent his studio skills to the band when they were working on their second album "P II: This Time It's Personal".  These videos of Mark tracking some very tasty guitar parts are sure to delight your inner riff-obsessed self.

Most people who follow the band or follow Mark on social media may have thought that he was trying out some of the newest gear that PRS was offering, namely their 7 String SE Custom 24, but alas, as time passed, his collection grew to even include a stunning Private Stock axe! 

I mean, check this thing out:


So, here were are, at the beginning of 2015, a new Periphery double concept album looms on the horizon of the new year, and NOW a New Signature guitar from PRS?!  That's right, Mark Holcomb is the latest musician who very deservingly has earned a guitar bearing his name in the PRS family of legendary musicians!

From PRS:

The band Periphery has become a force to be reckoned with in the progressive metal scene with their unique “djent” sound, polyrhythmic patterns and soaring melodies. Guitarist Mark Holcomb helps achieve this full, lethal sound with PRS guitars loaded with Seymour Duncan Mark Holcomb Signature Pickups dubbed “Alpha” and “Omega.”

Features unique to the Mark Holcomb Custom 24 include a 25.5” scale length rock maple neck with ebony fretboard and 20” radius, a newly designed PRS plate-style bridge, green abalone “J” birds, black Hipshot O-ring controls, and the guitarist’s signature Seymour Duncan “Alpha” and “Omega” pickups. Holcomb designed these pickups to be captivatingly clear and punchy – perfect for driving the Periphery sound.

Specs: Carved, figured maple top, mahogany back, 24 fret, 251/2” scale length rock maple neck with Gaboon ebony fretboard (20 inch fretboard radius), green abalone “J” birds, PRS plate-style bridge, PRS Phase III locking tuners

Neck Profile: Pattern Thin

Pickups and Electronics: Mark Holcomb Signature Seymour Duncan “Omega” treble pickup, Mark Holcomb Signature Seymour Duncan “Alpha” bass pickup, volume and tone control with 5-way blade pickup selector

Finishes: Black Cherry, Black Gold Burst, Charcoal Burst, Faded Whale Blue, Holcomb Burst, Jade

For those players out there who want something even MORE capable than your typical PRS, this guitar is SURE to fit the bill.  If a singlecut PRS is too classic or too basic rock, and a custom 24 might not give you enough exotic quality, this Limited Edition Custom 24 takes all the things that all PRS models do so well and builds on that- with a brand new satin finish and neck, Duncan pickups specifically designed for modern music and amps, and small visual touches giving a product that can look classy and elegant in any musical setting.  You could just as easily take this thing on stage at a metal festival and immediately put it on stage at quiet recital and it always looks the part.

Are you drooling yet?  While many compare this guitar's looks and features to a Private Stock PRS, the best thing is you can get this guitar for WELL under Private Stock pricing! 

How much you ask?  Well, you only have until March 2015 to order one, and then it is gone forever; but the price is a mere $3699!

That means, for under 4k, you have a guitar with looks, build quality, and tone to rival guitars costing thousands more! 

Want one?!  Email us at and join the newest owner's club for one of the most popular new signature model guitars!