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Paul Stanley of Kiss has delivered us all a Christmas gift early this year, and no, it’s not a pack of patented Kiss Condoms™, or Kiss Cologne™, or the amazing Kiss Kasket™. An amazing, unaired Folgers commercial from the far away time of the year 2000 has found it’s way to the surface. This commercial comes just in time to be the best video of this year, hands down. It’s flawless in every sense of the word. Stanley intently watching circus acrobats, the almost eerie accordion bits that cut in, and Stanley’s rock n roll vanishing act at the end. He was like some kind of fabulous caffeine wizard who appeared at a circus to help two trapeze artists with their morning routine, and then disappeared once his work was done.

The lyrics as well are just too perfect:

This is your wake up call
Time to reach, go for it all
Folgers stirs inside of me
And I know what I can be
Limit is the sky
Hey world, watch me fly
The best part of waking up
Is Folgers in your cup

Here’s the video:

The power of the internet truly is a magical thing, if this is the result. Not only that, but the internet dug up an interview where Stanley talked about the commercial, saying:

“Life is strange! I got a call asking if I was interested in singing a Folgers commercial. And like many other things, I thought ‘Why not?’ I wasn’t at all concerned with who thinks it is OK or not OK, cool, not cool, rock ‘n’ roll or not. I had a blast doing it and like I said, isn’t that what this is all about?”

It doesn’t stop there, as Tom Scharpling, Best Show host, has taken to twitter to proclaim that the commercial is his, saying:

Although it may be in satire, as the only way someone could use the word “masterpiece” to describe this has to understand how silly it is. If he is serious, however, and this is his magnum opus, he has created something truly hilarious, intentionally or not.