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Three years ago, Metallica and Lou Reed released their collaborative concept album, and it made people so so so angry. People were so angry that you’d think that the only concept behind this album was to troll the world. This thing is infamous. Everytime you mention LuLu on a forum, or post the album art, someone somewhere will get butthurt. The reviews reflected that more than anything. It was actually unbelievable how low the scores got for this thing, it didn’t seem real. Pitchfork gave it a 1.0/10, and the writer of the review, Stuart Berma, said

"for all the hilarity that ought to ensue here, Lulu is a frustratingly noble failure. Audacious to the extreme, but exhaustingly tedious as a result, its few interesting ideas are stretched out beyond the point of utility and pounded into submission."

Blabbermouth said

"Lulu is a catastrophic failure on almost every level, a project that could quite possibly do irreparable harm to Metallica's career."

Metalinjection  gave it a 0/10 and just said “it sucks”


The Needle drop also gave it a serious review, which you can watch here:

You get the idea, this thing is absolutely infamous. This album pissed so many people off even before anyone had listened to it, and even more so after it released. Now, three years later, the results are in for how the album did in terms of sales. All of the harsh criticism and seething anger have showed, too. According to Nielsen Soundscan, has sold less than 35,000 copies. That’s right. LuLu sold 33,000 copies in 3 years. Three. Years. It moved 13,000 in the first week of sales, and 20,000 for the two years 11 months and 3 weeks afterwards. With how these reviews panned out, it’s surprising that it even broke 30,000 copies...

Well, 30,000 is what would be considered a Titanic level of failure for Metallica. Death Magnetic sold shy of 500,000 units, St. Anger, although being trashed as well, sold 418,000 copies. The Black Album sold 16 Million copies making the highest selling record in 23 years. This just shows that LuLu is at least 4 degrees of critical and absolute failure for such a big band.

Now the fact that LuLu sucked in sales is absolutely not new to anyone at this point, but it is shocking to see how just how bad it did. Metallica may not have to worry as much about album sales as anyone else, but as Blabbermouth said, they have done irreparable damage to their fanbase, and then some. Not only did most critics predict this failure, in some sense, they probably caused it too.