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Fans worldwide have mesmerized by the unique effect work and guitar tone of the progressive metal titans, Periphery. There are constant articles coming out about the plethora of gear they use live, but not a lot has been said about their guitarist, Misha Mansoor’s, signature line of guitars and pickups, which he uses on stage. It’s been known for quite some time that Mansoor uses primarily Jackson guitars along with his own line of Pro Tone pedals, but not a lot has been said about all his gear from the man himself. Well, now, courtesy of Total Guitar, Mansoor has come forward to talk about how he’s come to use his signature guitar, and why he ended up with choosing Jackson for his signature model:

For those who can’t watch the video here are a few key quotes from the interview:

“They actually all feature my Bareknuckle Juggernaut pickups, which are my signature pickups, which I designed with Tim [Wilson], and those are just by far my favorite pickups. They’re actually hybrid, so they’re piezoelectric and ceramic pickups all at once. It’s kind of best of both worlds, and super dynamic very versatile, very good on cleans, very suited to metal”

“The non-premium version has Basswood and a solid finish. They actually do sound relatively consistent between the two. For the neck I went with just cortisone maple because we’ve toured around the world enough with enough different guitars and enough different kinds of necks to know cortisone maple and graphite reinforced is the best way to have a stable neck while on the road. We go through so many climates that it can be really brutal on some guitars. You’ll know which ones can survive because when you show up in Japan from Australia and it’s winter there, and it was Summer in Australia and half your guitars necks are all weird and warped and half of them are still in tune, you know which ones can handle the road.”

The full interview has a lot of interesting points as Mansoor runs through all of the facets of his signature that he wanted to make possible. It’s a very impressive guitar to behold, but from an aesthetic standpoint, it’s still not quite as impressive as the good ol’ Mark Holcomb signature from PRS, but it all comes down to preference. Mansoor’s signature line does have the advantage of a ton of pedals to go with the guitar, so it is quite a competition for the best signature. Maybe a simple fight to the death can settle this dispute?? But not really, nobody wants to lose the Periphery guys…