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Usually, the post-christmas weeks are some of the slowest when it comes to releases in music, and this year has been no exception. You’d think at least one band would step up to give out a single to jam to for New Years, but apparently not. There are no brakes on the Periphery train, however, as they’ve been releasing their studio updates, and even a new song!

Yesterday (December 29th) the band released their studio webisode featuring the band’s vocalist: Spencer Sotelo. He went into the concept behind Juggernaut: Alpha and Juggernaut: Omega, saying:

“I think it had a lot to do with me watching a lot of movies having to do with the occult, like old movies like Rosemary’s Baby, I just finished watching that first season of True Detective. It was things like that, kind of in that vein of writing. It was just kind of inspired by it at the time.”

You can watch the webisode here:

As for the new song, it's off of Juggernaut: Omega. It’s heavy, it’s crunchy, and along with the other 3 tracks released so far, it’s setting up Juggernaut: Alpha and Omega to be a huge release for next year. Make sure to stay for dat solo too, because it’s absolutely killer in every sense of the word. The song makes for a great way to end 2014, and to kick off 2015 with some hype. Juggernaut is set to release on January 27th, so only a couple more weeks to go!!

You can listen here: 

You can preorder the albums here, which comes with downloads of every song released so far :

Alpha: iTunes / Amazon

Omega: iTunes / Amazon