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When it comes to proving how much of a true fan you are for a particular band, there are only two main things to keep in mind: bootleg recordings, and side projects. If you’re that guy who screams for a band to play that ONE song that they never released, or to play songs from one of the member’s side projects at shows, you may be a true fanboy! (or maybe just a contrarian hipster) Regardless, keeping up with a band member’s side project can be difficult at times, especially in the case of a band having over 5 members. The best example comes from Slipknot, where each of the 9 are always off getting involved in something, that it’s easy to lose track. You could also be someone like Brent Hinds, who has been involved in too many side projects to even count!

Now, there’s one more side project for you to keep track of, and this time, it comes from Periphery’s guitarist Jake Bowen! Bowen announced that he had finished work on a self-titled Solo album, and showed off the potential track listing on Facebook:

While no details on the album have been given just yet, a few inferences can be made. The first being that this will be Bowen’s electronic album, judging by the state of his Soundcloud, which features almost entirely Electronic songs. The next, is that a few songs from the album have already been released! It’s a safe assumption that these are the songs for the album, as they’re in the track listing and even have the same album art. You can check out Angry God, Productable, and Ligature here:

These songs might not have anything for fans of Periphery, as they’re all very mellow, even melancholy electronic pieces. For fans of this style of electronic, however, there will definitely be something here for you! Again, there is no release date, or any kind of details released about the album, yet, but you should definitely follow the progress of the album.