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You know, every so often you read something so damn cool it almost seems made up!  Nowadays, with social media keeping everyone connected and saturated with mundane and banal occurrences  at a moment's notice, it's hard not to feel overwhelmed with information.  Thankfully, despite this huge collection of images and words that assault our senses willingly throughout our waking hours as humans, it seems that some New Orleans punk rockers are not only awesome and honest humans, but also possess some VERY photographic memories!

Seriously, the life of a working band plagues the minds of the musician with countless trivial things to keep track of, let alone your actual music you must remember to perform each night, let alone your life outside of work and music.  Yet somehow, the members of STEREO FIRE EMPIRE seem to have both a keen eye AND great timing!

Scenario: artist George Rodrigue paints a picture depicting himself as a blue dog alongside his soon wife-to-be Wendy.  This painting made its way around, eventually landing in a New Orleans art gallery, where in broad daylight, a real go-getter walked into the George Rodrigue Studios, lifted the $250,000 painting off the wall, and walked out the door!  Thankfully, the studio did have security cameras and was able to get a visual record of this winner. 

The painting is entitled "Wendy and Me" and was the feature cover on the artist's 1997 wedding invitation.

So now, it's PUNK ROCK TO THE RESCUE!  So fast forward to early January 2015 where NOLA punk rockers were visiting the NOLA House of Blues (most have reported that the band was PLAYING the show, but they have cleared this up on their official Facebook that they were visiting the venue for another show),

and in a "Scooby Doo adventure" type of crazy fateful run of events, bassist  Elliot Newkirk spotted this hard to forget painting propped up against a wall at the venue!  I suppose it would be quite hard to get the image out of your head, but according to the band he had seen the post about the missing artwork on Facebook earlier.  He was actually TELLING his bandmates about the missing artwork only minutes before somehow stumbling on it?  It almost seems too good to be true! 

Elliot explains:

"Our guitar player was actually talking about how he saw on Facebook that a painting was stolen," Newkirk said.  Literally five minutes later" he found the canvas and "his jaw dropped"

So it was not long after that the band took their Scooby Doo adventure down the streets of NOLA, making sure to turn the artwork against themselves so it wouldn't be spotted by passers-by and eventually turned it into the police, where fingerprints were obtained for DNA testing to catch the thief who is still on the loose.  In true punk rock modesty, the band did not even ask for a reward!  So I say, to both them and to you, go do these cool examples of positive human existence a favor and check out their music, jam some tunes, tell your friends, and like their page!

And while original artist George Rodrigue is no longer with us anymore, his son has already remarked on this amazing story saying:

"We're so thankful to the good Samaritans for bringing it back”

Absolutely!  Faith in humanity is restored a bit more!  Cheers to art, cheers to punk rock, and cheers to this awesome band for one very cool story!

Check out the band at the police station turning the painting in to authorities: