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Periphery is one of the most talked about bands today, for good and well, for more good!  For all of 2014 the band has been hard at work in Taylor Larson's studio working on all sorts of new material (Get it?!)  New music is always a tough sell for bands, and in a genre like the prog/experimental/metal genre, haters come in droves to tear down what you do!  It just so happens that when you play your techy proggy music to legions of internet fans, they all have no problems dishing out honest feelings!

Cited as one of the first bands to make djent "hip" with today's youngest generation of brooding bedroom musicians, Periphery consequently receives a lot of heat for the countless "rip off/poser" bands that seem to pop up in their wake. Mind you, it isn't Periphery's fault for starting a movement.  And really, if you don't like it, or understand it, just don't listen to it!  There is sure to be something out there you do like! 

Well, to date, Periphery has released 3 chunks of solid material (2 full lengths and an EP), this third full length should certainly prove to be something special, with a more seated member line up and the wisdom of age behind their musical growth.  Plus with the combined audio production skills of Misha Mansoor and Nolly Getgood (the band's new bassist and brilliant producer/engineer/renaissance man/astute resident Brit) the band's 2012AD+ tunes soar to new heights!

Just the sonic change from "P1" to "P2" was massive.  The tracks sounded more massive, had more direction and almost certain poppy sensabilites, and also seemed to mesh even better with newest vocalist Spencer Sotelo (long term fans know that Periphery has had a LOT of lineup changes, especially with vocalists).  Will "P3" prove to continue this trend?  The band elected to entitle the record "Juggernaut", which is also the same name that lead guitarist/brown brainchild Misha "Bulb" Mansoor gave to his signature set of humbucker pickups from Bareknuckle Pickups.

The Jugg album, like the pickups, seems to work best in sets of two, and so the new album will indeed be a double album: Alpha and Omega.  The song titles sound epic, and the records should be quite lengthy indeed, so the story should have quite a lot for listeners to injest.  After the album artwork and tracklistings were announced, the only remaining question was: "What in the name of Jens Kidman would this new shit sound like?!" 

Well, without further ado, Sumerian Records presents: "The Scourge"

See?!  Too much of a good thing is well, an awesome thing!