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It's the pedal that started it all.  In the ridiculously strange world of guitar overdrive pedals, everyone usually knows one number and one name as their reference point.  The number?  808.  The name?  Tubescreamer!  The reason I'm talking about the 808 NOT the TS9, is because the Ibanez TS808 (and TS9 and so on) were all born from the same circuit- a circuit that was originally built and designed by Maxon. The pedal that started the whole concept was not a called a Tubescreamer either.  It was the Maxon OD808 Overdrive and this little green machine has hit 35 years of service and counting!

This news spawns from the official release of the OD808X from Maxon, the trusty green pedal that is now bright red!  Still three knobs, and all the gain-tightening, tone-compressing, and pick-attack boosting sound that you crave! With this new pedal, Maxon has taken THE circuit that started it all and added an extended frequency response, an extra 5 dB for some volume boost if you so desire, a harder clipping distortion, plus buffered bypass switching.  Basically, all the old features of the green 808 are there, but with a bit "extra" at your disposal should you set the knobs that way!

Are you still confused about overdrive?  Did you go online shopping and find a million green boxes?!  No worries, allow me to bestow upon you some of the best video tutorials and tone shootouts on guitar overdrives- specifically from Maxon!  Shown below is an in-depth shootout between the top Maxon boxes!  Please enjoy the amazing playing [and knowledge] of renowned guitarist Dave Weiner and his gorgeous signature PRS:

Now, if you are doubting the fact that Maxon is the company that started this ball rolling decades ago, or maybe you're just an Ibanez fan boy, check out this comprehensive tone demo (plus history lesson)!  Our friends at Godlyke show you the ins and outs of the main noteworthy guitar overdrives that just so happen to come in a green box!  It's the Maxon against the Ibanez 808 and the story behind it all; which is quite fascinating! Not only that, but they even put the Maxon 808 Japanese import #1 up against a current production one!  So if you have been one of those tone-skeptics who is like "dammit they just don't make Maxon shit like they used to!", well let this A/B shootout put your fears to rest!

The story of guitar OD just gets more and more interesting doesn't it?  While the pedal was originally designed to offer extra clip to a clean amp for some crunchy tones, modern musicians have found an entirely new use for the 808 by running the box into the front of an already heavy amp!  This takes the pedal's natural compression and drive tone/gain structure and helps tighten up a "tubby" sounding dirty amp while adding extra tightness and pick attack!

If you've listened to metalcore, and specifically Killswitch Engage and LOVED the guitar tones you hear, well THIS is how it's achieved!

Hell, even some bonus tips on some nice sounding cleans! 

The OD808X only builds on this reputation of quality guitar overdrive and tone-tightening, and actually seeks to top the green box in this metalcore setting.  The "extra" that you will be getting only adds on to the tone possibilities, rather than substitutes.  All the tone is still there, and THEN some!  This all proves to be a win-win pedal for tone-chasing metalheads!  Best of all?  It can be had for less than $160!