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Hello there potentially wealthy reader, have you ever wondered, “Golly, I would really like to own a piece of a band that will grant me a portion of their revenue generated from merch and record sales...”? Well, first of all, that’s an oddly specific thing to ponder randomly, but also, good news for you! Queensrÿche are doing just that. For a very light, very modest price of $50,000, you can actually own a piece of the band, and generate revenue from them. It actually pays for itself! 

The band recently started a Pledge Music campaign to raise funds for their new album, and have no goal set, they’re just taking preorders. On the pledgemusic page, they wrote

“Hi all, It’s been a turbulent year for Queensryche and we have decided to harness that energy and drive into making a killer new record!
“This is where you can pre-order the album which will be out next year plus a variety of other items we wanted to sell with it to make the album buying process more interesting for you. We are also offering a very special opportunity to join Queensryche as an investor*. This will mean, if you are one of the lucky ones that qualify, you will become a regular part of the Queensryche team and benefit from the anticipated growth of our business.
“The album will be out next year, so in the meantime we will be delivering special bonus content for free to all those who order something here as a reward and thanks for your support. This will be delivered to you in the Updates page above for the next few months.”

So, along with the new album, and the stake in the company, the band is offering a myriad of different things that you can buy while you wait for the album! You can pick up the new album on all kinds of different formats, tickets to private shows, signed CDs, a day of playing golf with 2 of the members for $1,000, a private rehearsal session for $2,500, sitting in the studio for $5,000, the bands two different custom guitars, and their custom bass for $7,000, their custom drum kit for $15,000, and your own private concert for only $35,000.

Although Pledge Music is meant more for raising money, instead of promoting the new album, it’s kind of cool to see a band offering so many things to particularly dedicated fans. I mean, they’re literally selling themselves for $35,000.

It does beg the question, however, isn't asking for investors on the same page where you're selling all your stuff seem kind of sketchy? Not only that, but the first words on the page are "it's been a turbulent year for Queensryche." On second thought, you might want to hold off on investing in the band for a little bit, at least, if your only goal is to make money...

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